Baby Foxy Bad Impression [FNAF SFM] Animation

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Baby Foxy Bad Impression [FNAF SFM] Animation
Baby Foxy and Baby Bonnie try to make friends with Baby Baby and Baby Ballora, but Baby Foxy makes a bad first impression. It is then Baby Foxy's job to make it up to her.

Characters - Baby Foxy, Baby Bonnie, Baby Baby, Baby Ballora, Foxy, Bonnie, Baby, Ballora

This was originally going to be a different project called "Baby Foxy Ballora's Dance Lessons", but developed a video of it's own in the making. Another title was called "Baby Foxy Meets the Sisters".
This animation was originally completely different, for it had almost no story to it, but later got re-animated.

Music by Nicolai Heidlas Music -
Track 1 - Chase Your Dreams -href=""Music by HookSounds
Track 2 - Cosmo World
Track 3 - Take the Chance - href=""Music by HookSounds
Baby and Ballora - RobGamings, Cosmic Tangent, wiirexthe2 -
Foxy and Bonnie - Splinks and I6NIS -
Map - Luke, Jaymes, Mr. CoffeeStain and Sjws ruin everything -

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