Baby Foxy Bad Impression [FNAF SFM] Animation

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Baby Foxy Bad Impression [FNAF SFM] Animation
Baby Foxy and Baby Bonnie try to make friends with Baby Baby and Baby Ballora, but Baby Foxy makes a bad first impression. It is then Baby Foxy's job to make it up to her.

Characters - Baby Foxy, Baby Bonnie, Baby Baby, Baby Ballora, Foxy, Bonnie, Baby, Ballora

This was originally going to be a different project called "Baby Foxy Ballora's Dance Lessons", but developed a video of it's own in the making. Another title was called "Baby Foxy Meets the Sisters".
This animation was originally completely different, for it had almost no story to it, but later got re-animated.

Music by Nicolai Heidlas Music -
Track 1 - Chase Your Dreams -href=""Music by HookSounds
Track 2 - Cosmo World
Track 3 - Take the Chance - href=""Music by HookSounds
Baby and Ballora - RobGamings, Cosmic Tangent, wiirexthe2 -
Foxy and Bonnie - Splinks and I6NIS -
Map - Luke, Jaymes, Mr. CoffeeStain and Sjws ruin everything -

La parte 4 de esta temporada 2 ya está :D espero que la disfruten! :D Creo que nuevamente me he superado a mi mismo, espero que disfruten esta cuarta parte al igual que yo al hacerla. :D No olvides compartirla con tus amigos :) Youtube le quita bastante calidad a los vídeos... por si querés descargar la animación en HD (Directo del Editor) Bitrate 20 MBPS Acá está el link: Instagram: Canciones Usadas!: - Beancastle: - El resto de las canciones utilizadas se encuentran en la librería de EpidemicSound. »Programas usados: - Source Film Maker - Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Audacity »Addons utilizados: - Five Nights At Freddy's Animatronics - SpLinks - Five Nights At Freddy's Toys - Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (Day And Night Version) - Baby Toy's - Funtime Freddy (Versión 5) - Baby (Versión 5, la cambiaré por una mejor) »Sonidos: -TF Sounds - FNAF Sounds - HL2 Sounds - Epidemic Sound - Cartoon Sounds ☻ ¡Seguime en Twitch para Directos Random de larga duración! ☺ ☻ ¡Seguime en Facebook para estar atento a vídeos / Directos! ☺ ☻ ¡No tenés facebook?, seguime en Twitter! ☺ ☻ ¡No tenés Twitter tampoco? Tengo Google+ ☺ ☻ Ya si no tenés ninguno, hacete una cuenta x'D ✯Deja tu like y suscribete! ayuda a que el canal crezca c: ✯Y si quieres recomendarme juegos ponelo en los comentarios✌

Baby Foxy and Baby Bonnie are best friends. Papa Foxy throws a party for Baby Baby and Baby Ballora at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. When Baby Foxy becomes a baby gamer loving Minecraft, Baby Baby wonders if they are still BFFs. Baby Baby tries to join in with play time, but it ends up in a fight and Baby Foxy makes a bad impression. How will Baby Foxy fix this one? Will he still be Baby Baby's favorite animatronic? Baby Foxy Bad Impression [FNAF SFM] Animaiton was in mind while making this. Characters Baby Foxy, Baby Bonnie, Baby Baby, Baby Ballora, Foxy, Baby, Ballora Credits Baby Foxy, Baby Bonnie, Foxy and Bonnie models by Splinks and I6NIS Baby Baby, Baby Ballora, Baby and Ballora models by RobGamings, Tangy Toons and wiirexthe2 Maps by Jinxyfied, CoffeeStain, Semyaj, Luke and Detective Nigbone Music by Kevin Macleod, Biz Baz Studio, Bruno and Unicorn Head Track 1 "Gearhead" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Track 2 Family Montage by Biz Baz Studio YouTube Audio Library Track 3 Emotional Love Theme by Biz Baz Studio Track 4 California Wind by Bruno E. YouTube Audio Library Track 5 The Plan's Working by Cooper Cannell YouTube Audio Library Track 6 Starry Eyed Lover by Biz Baz Studio Sound Effects are by me and by the YouTube Audio Library If there is anyone who I haven't credited properly or anyone who I should have credited, then feel free to inform me so I can credit you in the pinned comment.

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