Need for speed Payback COCHE ABANDONADO 25-9-2018 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG

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Fully Upgraded Level 399 1064HP 2017 Ford GT Widebody gameplay for Need For Speed Payback. Showcasing it's overall performance in 3 events and 1 online speedlist race. Performance/Speed Cards and stats are shown at the start of the video. Played with keyboard and manual transmission. The netcode right now online is a mess and you can't simply overtake. You have to wait for them to make a mistake or took a bad line. Thanks to Paragleiber for providing Nikki's mysterious voiceline footage: Timeline: 0:26 - Performance, Stats and Speed Cards 0:46 - Multiplayer Casual speedlist, Soldedad Pilgrimage Sprint Race 3:23 - Lift Off, Sprint Race 6:01 - Mountain Run, Sprint Race 8:05 - Natalia Nova: Supernova, Sprint Race 2017 Ford GT Race Spec Performance review: As the title says, the 2017 Ford GT will be an excellent Drafter for you, simply because it's slightly slower than the top cars, allowing you to slingshot. If it were as faster than the top cars, then it becomes a Scout. NFS C references aside, it is unfortunately just slightly weaker compared to the 918 and Huayra BC in every aspect. Both NOS accel and engine accel is slightly weaker than the No.3 duos. While it has equally great cornering speed both low, medium and high speed, it's drift recovery speed isn't that great and you can easily lose a lot of speed if you don't drift smoothly at corner exits. The Ford GT's handling is great. It's pretty reliable both entry and exits and very responsive to brake drift. It's more reliable than the 918 because it doesn't do weird things at corner exits. Still, you need to drift smoothly at exits to regain all your speed loss, otherwise you will lose quite a lot of momentum. How does it compare with 911 RSR and Regera: It's 3 seconds slower in Mountain run compared to the 911 Carrera RSR. It's a strong car, stronger than a lot of cars in the 1:40s zone. Despite it's reliable handling, it doesn't have both the accel and nos power to compete with the 911 Carrera RSR and Regera. Soundtrack: NFS Carbon - Exotic Theme NFS Carbon Composed Music - Canyon 01 NFS IV - Quantum Singularity Initial D - Supertonic Lady NFS Carbon Composed Music - Crew Race 03

Fully Upgraded Level 399 1195HP 2017 Acura NSX gameplay for Need For Speed Payback. The 2017 NSX has the fastest 0-60mph stat for the race spec in the game in just 1.5 seconds! Showcasing it's overall performance in 2 events, 1 free roam racer, 1 online speedlist race and 1 baitcrate event. Performance/Speed Cards and stats are shown at the start of the video. Played with keyboard and manual transmission. Many of you requested some online races, so I'm adding online race from now on for some variety. And yeah, it's a mess which is why I was reluctant to make videos on it. Timeline: 0:07 - Performance, Stats and Speed Cards 0:26 - Free Roam Racer vs 1% Club, Jesse 2:04 - Multiplayer Casual speedlist, Rustwall Stroll Circuit Race 4:10 - Ember Valley Showdown, Sprint Race 7:27 - Baitcrate event police escape 9:54 - Mountain Run, Sprint Race 2017 Acura NSX Race Spec Performance review: So it has the quickest 0-60mph time for the race spec in just 1.5 seconds, full acceleration perks. The stats is partially true, it has great engine acceleration. Then comes the other part of the acceleration, NOS power which does not show in the stats, and it's NOS power is really weak which makes the overall acceleration of the NSX pretty weak. It's handling is one of the car's strong points. The drifting at corner entries is light and very responsive to braking. It's overall cornering speed is good with decent speed recovery from drifts. However, the NSX's drifting behaves weirdly at corner exits and probably the biggest issue with this car. At low-medium speeds, if the drift angle gets large, the rear tires spins which creates a "powersliding" effect at corner exits. You will notice that all low speed/medium speed hairpins, my car exits in an odd angle and it's not smooth. It also cause the car to become heavy and unresponsive at corner exits, making it difficult to quickly recover and inertia drift the next turn. You won't have this issue at high speed turns or sharp turns which doesn't involve a large drifting angle. Downforce wise, it's not as planted as the Carrera RSR or Huayra unfortunately. How does it compare with 911 RSR and Regera: It's 5 seconds slower in Mountain Run compared to 911 RSR. Handling is the NSX's strength but it's still weaker compared to the duos. It's weak NOS power will get smoked by the acceleration monsters from the 911 RSR's NOS power and the Regera's engine acceleration. Soundtrack: NFS Carbon - Muscle Theme NFS IV - Dude in the moon NFS IV - Liquid Plasma Split Second OST - Main Theme NFS Rivals Pursuit Score - Sheeps and Wolves Initial D - Fly Away

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