NFS Most Wanted Araba vb. herşeyi açma hilesi

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In this video I will buy and upgrade a Chevrolet Corvette. To have this skin visit Music: SKRILLEX - Bangarang Wiz Khalifa- Black and yellow- Fast and Furious remix

The best time among the 5 runs for Most Wanted Venom is 2:17.20. If you wanted to see these cars in stock mods, check out my all Ultimate Speed Pack DLC cars with stock mods against Most Wanted Venom. Check out my all Terminal Velocity Pack DLC cars with full pro mods against Most Wanted 918 Spyder Check out my all Heroes Pack DLC cars with full pro mods against Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR. Check out my all Movie Legends Pack DLC cars with full pro mods against Most Wanted 1967 Shelby GT500. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 (NFS001) Ultimate Speed Pack DLC gameplay showing all the new 5 cars from the pack with Full Pro mods at their fastest going against Most Wanted Venom. The 5 cars Lamborghini Aventador J, Pagani Zonda R, Mclaren F1 LM, Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse and Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, all using Full Pro Mods arranged from slowest to fastest time set in the Most Wanted Venom race. Modifications for all 5 cars Track Tires Pro Burn Nitrous Pro (Aventador J only) Powershot Nitrous Pro Lightweight Chassis Pro Aero Body Pro Long Gears Pro I already reviewed these 5 cars at stock mods. So how would they perform with Full Pro Mods? Lamborghini Aventador J - (0:43) Time: 2:38.35 Well, as expected. The top speed still sucks and it's even lower than the coupe version. Guess what? The handling is even worst than the Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse. Why? Among the 5 cars, this has the worst micro drifting capability. The drift angle is tiny, which makes the Veyron Vitesse can tackle corners faster than this. It's also slower than the others by miles, at least it's faster than a Stock Venom GT. But what an expected car to be the worst handling car. Pagani Zonda R - (3:35) Time: 2:28.43 This car is made out of paper. It flies everywhere, especially going downhill through the mountains. Just count how many times the car flies by listening to the sudden high revs. It's acceleration is really good both low and high ends. The handling of this car is like the 3 open wheelers in-game, hard to micro drift, small drift angle but still can tackle sharp turns, if only it can stick on the ground. Mclaren F1 LM (6:18) Time: 2:26.05 A slightly better version than the Pagani Zonda R. Unlike the Zonda R, this car will stay rooted on the road and doesn't fly. It's higher drift angle enables it to tackle turns at higher speed. It's easier to micro drift and It's top speed is better than Zonda R too. With overall good acceleration both low and high ends, it's a great overall performance car. Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse - (8:57) Time: 2:25.43 First of all, manage to figure out the Initial D Stage 3 reference? I even use the same soundtrack. Yeah, when it happened I'm surprised like Takumi too. Back to the car, the highest top speed among the 5. If you compare this and the Aventador J, you will appreciate this car and still tackles corners faster. It's the easiest among the 5 to micro drift. It's handbrake friendly makes the car easy to tackle sharp and twisty mountain. Even if your tires hit off-road, it will still forgive you. But another problem of this car, like the Zonda R, it likes to fly. Hennessey Venom GT Spyder - (11:37) Time: 2:17.20 I don't need to say much being the current best car in the game. It's easy to micro drift as the Veyron Vitesse, large drift angle and sticks to the road like the Mclaren F1, and acceleration of Veyron Vitesse. It only lacks top speed compared to Veyron Vitesse, but having the best advantages of the other cars is more than enough to compensate the top speed. 264 mph with long gears is still very high anyway. Check out my improved and World Record run of the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder here with a time of 2:15.55. And there you go, all 5 cars with Full Pro Mods shown at their very best and fastest and going against Most Wanted Venom.

Reiji "RAGE" Maeda moves on into Rockport. What was supposed to be a way of meeting new people turns into a street race gone wrong. He has to work his way down to the rotten core of Rockport to get his ride back. Subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos: Follow Reiji online: [0:00] Introduction [22:22] Blacklist #15 Ho "SONNY" Seun [29:47] Blacklist #14 Vince "TAZ" Kilic [36:21] Blacklist #13 Victor "VIC" Vazquez [43:21] Blacklist #12 Isabel "IZZY" Diaz [52:08] Blacklist #11 Lou "BIG LOU" Park [1:04:18] Blacklist #10 Karl "BARON" Smit [1:09:39] Blacklist #9 Eugene "EARL" James [1:17:48] Blacklist #8 Jade "JEWELS" Barrett [1:23:38] Blacklist #7 Kira "KAZE" Nakazoto [1:32:00] Blacklist #6 Hector "MING" Domingo [1:40:10] Blacklist #5 Wes "WEBSTER" Allen [1:53:04] Blacklist #4 Joe "JV" Vega [2:00:52] Blacklist #3 Ronald "RONNIE" McCrea [2:13:56] Blacklist #2 Toru "BULL" Sato [2:28:14] Blacklist #1 Clarence "RAZOR" Callahan [2:48:26] Rockport Police Department

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Save based on 379Felipe's PC save. Video captured from PAL backwards compatible PS3 60gb. 100% career done! All challenges done! All traffic, police, bonus, and hidden cars added to the Car Shop! Compatible with both EU and US versions of PS2 classics format and some additional formats for EU and US PS2 versions (retail+Black Edition)! NEW LINK 2019 Download


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