Leafy plays The Forest Navel

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Pikmin and bfdi

Yay! Another One! Ignore Some Errors in This 8-Ball as Film Clapper Balloony as °Д° Barf Bag as Glass of Milk Basketball as Rugby Ball Bell is Now Rusty & Old Bomby as Crystal Ball Dictionary/Book as Bookmark Clock as Level Slider Cloudy as No Entry Sign to Name Badge David as Henry Stickman Dora as The Tape Player from Baldi's Basics Eggy as a Door Getting NoSquee'd Evil Leafy as Ping Fanny as Pager Fries as Popcorn Pot Grassy as Candy Marker as Cucumber Naily as Meat on a Bone Nickel as Peach Nonexisty as The Picture from Baldi's Basics Pie as Biohazardy/Biohazard Guy Pillow as Honey Pot Remote as Wii-mote Robot Flower as Laptop Roboty as Jack-O-Lantern Ruby as Garnet Saw as Poultry Leg Taco as Shaved Ice Tree as Burrito TV as Desktop Announcer But Halloween Themed The Sky, Ground & TLC is Halloween Themed too

The gamer got a new computer, but he doesn't have good computer knowledge. What will happen when the tech scammer mess up his computer. WARNING!! This video is for entertainment purpose only!!! Discord: https://rebrand.ly/verbosediscord Backup Invite: https://rebrand.ly/verbosediscord Tobu - Hope Bensound Acoustic Breeze Bensound Sci-Fi Become My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kevin_hu_legend What do I use to edit? Premier Pro and Photoshop CC2017 mostly. I edit tutorials with Camtasia 9. What is the intro music? Please check my bio Music is provided by Bensound.com 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/2F5HWgG Donation: http://goodorangejuice.weebly.com/donate.html Connect with me in Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hu.752487 Instagram: kevin_hu_legend

*Read description first* The definite perfect ending of the game after having gathered all treasures. Olimar (except the President) bid one last farewell to the planet, looking back to see a multitude of Pikmins looking up at them. Comments: - ...Except this isn't over yet. There are over 30 Challenge missions left to do. Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.

After having this video up for 3 1/2 years, I decided to turn off comments on this video, because so many people are saying hurtful things to me and other people just because everyone has different opinions. Besides, this video is old and I don't really like it anyway. Song (The Cannery) - http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=cannery&Search=Search ELIMINATION REASONS (oh gosh, these are bad): Flower is eliminated first for being the meanest character and not helping her team out in the challenge. Woody is eliminated next for ultimately being the most useless character on the team. Blocky cheated on the test so he was eliminated next. Spongy is eliminated for being such a disliked character. Pen decided to climb on the ropes, which is the dumbest idea ever so, he gets eliminated. Even with bossy Pin on their team, Firey and Eraser win and Coiny is eliminated for being a jerk to Ice Cube. The Grapes pick Firey on their team and Firey doesn't have a problem with that since Coiny's already gone. Pen rejoins on the Squashy Grapes for being most popular out of all the eliminated contestants. Another Name is formed with Rocky, TB, GB, Needle and Firey. Eraser tells all the other Cherries to choose Pen onto their team instead of Snowball, causing SB to be eliminated. All the cherries choose Needle onto their team because none of them want Golf Ball, so she's eliminated. The Grapes prefer Firey over Rocky since Rocky isn't very helpful to the team. After the point system was added, Match is eliminated for being annoying. Pencil did bad in the challenge and is annoying so she is eliminated. Spongy returns for winning the bread loaf challenge. Eraser couldn't even jump a single hurdle so he is eliminated. Pen cheated and is eliminated for being a returning contestant as well. Since all the contestants are up for elimination except Firey, Pin is eliminated since she has been at the top of the scoreboard since the start and Bubble is in the bottom 2 since she joined an alliance with Needle and Teardrop and the alliance screwed up horribly so they all get many votes. Tennis Ball and Firey vote out Bubble while Spongy votes Leafy and Needle and TD vote Icy. Ice Cube and Bubble compete in a simple tie-breaker but Ice Cube wins and Bubble gets sent to the TLC. Somehow, David get's the most votes to be join the game. David doesn't get enough points to keep himself safe even though he got 2nd place and is eliminated. Needle, Firey and Tennis Ball win the challenge and Needle picks TD to also have immunity. Spongy is eliminated for being the most unpopular contestant still in. Needle wins and chooses Teardrop to also have immunity again. The eliminated contestants vote out Ice Cube for being able to cool down the TLC since it's really hot apparently. Flower rejoins for some stupid reason. Leafy wins the challenge for jumping the furthest but doesn't give her immunity to someone else. Firey repeated kills Leafy, Flower and Tennis Ball in the episode by lighting them on fire and is eliminated for being deadly. Flower and Teardrop make speaker boxes (Teardrop's speaker box still doesn't talk for some reason), so their speaker boxes give them immunity. Needle and Leafy got into a big fight during the episode and Leafy is eliminated for being at fault for it. Tennis Ball has immunity and Flower get sent to the TLC again because she obviously deserves it. Teardrop relied on Needle through much of the game and receives the least number of votes to win Dream Island. Tennis Ball gets second place since he does horribly at physical challenges, but managed to make it this far due to his skill in pretty much every other challenge. Needle does good in most challenges and shows leadership and tactics by making the most successful alliance ever with Teardrop. Needle lets everyone but Leafy onto Dream Island. Leafy steals Dream Island, ultimately resulting in a second season. If you read this entire description, you're awesome.

OMGOMG!! Memes are found here!: https://www.facebook.com/BFDIFirey ME on DeviantART!!: http://katyjsst.deviantart.com/ YoyleBling (originally BFDI Rumours): http://yoylebling.blogspot.sg Ending music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: You Buy the song: http://bit.ly/HghGeq


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