Top 10 Most Unexpected Character Picks by Top Players - Super Smash Bros Melee

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Bowser, Ness, DK and Captain Falcon, what do all of these characters have in common? These are all low tier characters that were picked out of the blue by top players in high level tournament matches in an attempt to catch their opponent off guard. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it backfires horribly. But it always makes for entertaining matches!

I decided to do Melee only this time due to the fact that top players in Melee generally tend to have a set group of their best 1 or 2 characters that they play and they rarely go for the super strange and unexpected counterpicks like low or mid tiers out of the blue, this makes moments like these much more scarce and just makes it so much more unexpected when a crazy counterpick happens from a top player imo. (It's just much more common in other games such as PM and Smash 4 due to the fact that the meta isn't quite as developed as Melee and there are a lot of low/mid tier characters that haven't been fully explored yet and have a lot of untapped potential, and occasionally a top player that is fond of that character will whip them out in a tournament set to try to catch their opponent off guard)
But don't worry! I definitely plan on making a video in the future featuring the most unexpected picks from the other Smash games (And any new ones that may have happened in Melee since this video) There's just so many great unexpected counterpicks in those games that I'll have to do much more research and find everything I can so I don't miss any awesome moments.

64 is interesting too because unexpected picks aren't really that common besides Isai, who basically picks unexpected (Or expected, because it's Isai) and low tier characters 99% of the time lol

PS: If you're wondering why I included clips like DJ Nintendo's Bowser or Mango's Marth, I'll explain:
So for the DJ Nintendo one, this was Zenith 2013, a tournament with M2K, PPMD, Mango, Hungrybox, Hax and many more. It was an INSANELY stacked tournament, and DJ Nintendo found himself in losers top 17, down 0-1 after losing with Samus to Unknown (A player who was top 15 in the world back then and had beaten Mew2king earlier in the year) and he decided that with his tournament life on the line vs a top 15 player, the best thing to do would not be pick his Fox, or his Samus, or Sheik or Marth or Falco etc, but to pick BOWSER. I honestly don't think anyone saw it coming, especially Unknown. DJ Nintendo proceeded to completely wipe the floor with Unknown who was clearly lost against this character pick, and win the set with a 3 stock in game 3. Such a crazy hype set. That is why I felt it was deserving of this list. Such an unexpected and risky Bowser pick, but it paid off.

And for the Mango one: Mango has played Marth before in the past in tournaments (Almost all trolling/sandbagging) but in this instance he came out of nowhere and counterpicked Leffen with Marth to FD in Grand Finals of GOML, which completely caught Leffen and everyone watching off guard. Nobody expected Mango to pull out the Marth on FD when he's playing vs Leffen and playing in a MAJOR grand finals, and then he goes and pulls off that crazy 0-death on the first stock, definitely worthy of the video, super unexpected and so hype.

Sorry for the super long description, haha.
Thanks for watching!

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Ness, Bowser, Pichu, and Mewtwo being picked by top players deep in high stakes Smash tournaments? Mario vs Young Link in a serious match between two top 10 players? Hungrybox playing Fox and Falco vs Armada? Yes, these are all things that actually happened in Melee tournaments. Pulling out a mid/low tier deep in a high stakes Smash tournament is always a HUGE risk, and as you'll see in this video, sometimes it works out, and sometimes.... not so much. PS: Just like the previous one, I decided to do Melee only for this version as well, this is because top players in Melee generally tend to have a set group of their best 1 or 2 characters that they will play almost exclusively and it is extremely rare to see them go for the shocking and out of the blue low/mid tier character picks. It's much more common to see picks like this in PM, Smash 4, and now Ultimate due to the fact that the metas of these games aren't quite as developed, so there are a lot of low/mid tier characters that haven't been fully explored yet and have a lot of untapped potential, due to this you'll more frequently see top players whipping these characters out in tournament to try to catch their opponent off guard or take advantage of a good matchup. But I'm definitely planning on making a version of this video featuring all games sometime in the future! However, I'll most likely have to wait until Ultimate's meta settles down and becomes more developed, since it came out so recently. Thanks for watching! Special thanks to: Dreamhack: VGBC: Smash Studios: Evo: Tloc: Team Sp00ky: CEO:

"THIS IS WHY LEFFEN IS THE MOST HATED MAN ON SMASH BROS" This is a compilation of some of the most infamous moments in Smash history that were captured on video. Featuring moments varying from just general controversy and drama, to terrible sportsmanship, and flat out grime in high level tournament sets. (This is just episode 1, I definitely plan on making another episode in if the future if there's enough interest and enough moments happen, and people enjoy this one enough!) Thanks for watching! Special thanks to: EVO: 8WAYRUN: VGBC: KRDsonic:

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