Need For Speed Payback - Double Or Nothing [Chapter 4 finale]

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Double Or Nothing is the finale for Chapter 4 in Need For Speed Payback's campaign. It is the next main story mission after Operation Skyhammer, this time stealing 2 gold plated cars from The House with secret tech. Featuring Hollywood moments, police chases and an unstoppable 18-wheeler.

Played with keyboard and manual transmission.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Runner Class

I do apologies for poor frame rate. It happens everytime a cop spawn or right before a cutscene.

Skyhammer mission featuring stolen police vehicles. The Chevrolet Corvette C7 Cop car, Ford Explorer Interceptor and Police Rhino. At least now the mission makes sense as we are stealing Lina Navarro's shit.

Chapter 5 of Need For Speed Payback's Campaign Hard Difficulty no commentary walkthrough [PC] of all the The 1% Club Race League races + Natalia Nova Boss Race with the Nissan Fairlady 240zg Devil Z Race spec in Need For Speed Payback's campaign with keyboard and manual transmission. The final race has a NFS Carbon WolfTFK easter egg/reference. The game isn't optimised yet for PC so apologies for any choppy frame rate. Timeline: 0:13 - The 1% Club Intro 1:01 - One-Percent Club, Sprint Race 5:14 - Hyperspace Circuit, Circuit Race 8:54 - Skirt The City, Time Trial 13:35 - Skirt The City, Circuit Race 19:10 - Solar Sprint, Sprint Race 26:40 - Natalia Nova: Supernova Pagani Huayra BC Boss 1 on 1 duel 28:46 - WolfTFK NFS Carbon Easter Egg/reference Soundtracks: In-game soundtrack Wangan Midnight - Voice of S30z Markus Schulz Pres. Elevation - Somewhere (Clear Blue)

Jackson “Jacka̶s̶s̶” Rourke is having a very bad day. He owes some dangerous people a lot of money, and now he's a marked man. On top of that, the police are hot on his tail, anxious to take him down. He may have finally found a way out thanks to a woman named Sam Harper. Unfortunately, it may cost him his life. Subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos: Follow Reiji online: Cars used in this run: Shelby GT500 Super Snake Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Audi R8 V10 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 [0:18] Jack Ruorke Introduction [5:07] Sam Harper Introduction [9:38] STAGE 1: WEST COAST [9:38] San Francisco, CA / Nob Hill [11:36] San Francisco, CA / Downtown [14:20] Altamont Pass, CA / Altamont Pass Rd [17:32] Altamont Pass, CA / Interstate 580 [20:54] STAGE 2: NATIONAL PARK [21:40] Yosemite Approach, CA / 140 Hwy [24:15] Yosemite National Park, CA / El Portal Rd [26:53] Yosemite National Park, CA / El Capitan [29:02] Tioga Pass, CA / Tioga Pass Rd [31:30] Tioga Pass, CA / Ellery Lake [35:48] STAGE 3 DESERT VALLEY [36:33] Death Valley National Park, CA / Panamint Valley [40:00] Death Valley National Park, CA / Junction Rd [42:26] Calvada Springs, NV / Old Spanish Trail [45:44] Las Vegas, NV / (vs NIKKI & MILA) Interstate 15 [49:56] Las Vegas, NV / Las Vegas Blvd [51:44] Las Vegas, NV Northshore Rd [55:55] STAGE 4 DESERT HILLS [56:10] Valley of Fire, NV / Northshore Rd [58:56] Moapa Valley, NV / Hwy 169 [1:01:38] Zion National Park, UT / Rockville [1:05:06] Million Dollar Highway / Red Mountain Pass [1:07:56] Million Dollar Highway / Loghill [1:11:27] STAGE 5 THE ROCKIES [1:12:14] Grand Mesa National Forest, CO / I-70 [1:16:06] Grand Mesa National Forest, CO / Glenwood Springs [1:20:05] Independence Pass, CO / Route 82 [vs CESAR DELEON] [1:23:30] Independence Pass, CO / Aspen [1:26:48] Independence Pass, CO / Summit [1:31:19] STAGE 6 THE PLAINS [1:32:04] Denver, CO / Commerce City [1:35:05] Rushville, NE / Hwy 20 [1:37:35] Badlands National Park, SD / South Dakota 44 [1:40:40] Badlands National Park, SD / South Dakota 240 [1:44:00] Lismore, MN / County Rd 25 [vs CALVIN GARRET] [1:47:02] STAGE 7 CHICAGO APPROACH [1:47:16] La Crosse, WI / Country Hwy [1:50:17] Fort Atkinson, WI / Riverside Dr [1:53:18] Park Ridge, IL / Kennedy Expressway [1:57:19] Chicago, IL / Lower Wacker [vs MARCUS BLACKWELL] [2:05:22] STAGE 8 THE GREAT LAKES [2:06:13] Chicago, IL / Downtown [2:08:38] Chicago, IL / Lakeshore Drive [2:11:27] Toledo, OH / Interstate 75 [2:14:07] Cleveland, OH / Northwest Freeway [2:16:26] Cleveland, OH / Industrial District [2:21:41] STAGE 9 STATE FOREST [2:22:34] Beaver Valley, PA / Expressway [2:25:21] National Fwy, WV / Interstate 68 [2:28:28] Garrett State Forest, MD / Deer Park [vs MILA BELOVA] [2:31:49] Big Run State Park, MD / Sawmill Drive [2:34:51] STAGE 10 EAST COAST [2:35:26] Tumbling Run, PA / Pine Grove Rd [vs EDDIE COOKE] [2:38:12] New Jersey, NJ / Interstate 78 Express [2:40:07] New Jersey, NJ / Union [2:43:33] New Jersey, NJ / Newark Bay [vs CESAR DELEON] [2:47:25] New Jersey, NJ / New Jersey Turnpike [vs CALVIN GARRET] [2:50:48] New York, NY / Downtown [vs ???]

Do you know the Pagani Zonda Cinque can fit into S1-Class? The Pagani Zonda Cinque is one of the top performing S1-Class cars on my test track. It is Winter season in Horizon and this video showcases the Zonda Cinque's Winter performance in 4 Ranked Races. This tune shown is available for download at my storefront and keep in mind this tune is specifically for Winter. The other tune for the Zonda C is purely for Dry/Wet Asphalt races. Played with keyboard. Join the ISAD discord channel! Timeline: 0:18 - Otleydale Dash 3:07 - Mortimer's Pass 5:58 - Elmsdon On Sea Sprint 9:09 - Derwent Reservoir Sprint Pagani Zonda Cinque S1 Winter performance review: Keep in mind you must use manual transmission for the Zonda Cinque. If you use automatic, I don't recommend this car. Obviously because it's on snow tires, you should only use this tune for Winter and the other alternative tune for pure Asphalt non-winter cars. Its performance is pretty much what you expect. It has one of the best high speed cornering for S1-Class and great brakes too. Just keep in mind in snow covered roads, you need to be smooth at corner entry and prevent the car from sliding. Brake early and allow the car's incredible grip to do the work. If you brake late, the car will drift and you will lose time as I did a few times in this video and drifted outwards. But overall, the Zonda Cinque is a great S1-Class Winter car and the same car can be used for S2 or S1 Asphalt. #ForzaHorizon4 #ISAD #PaganiZondaCinque #FH4 #RankedAdventure

Here you can see the Highway Heist story mission from the career mode of Need for Speed Payback. This is the last mission that you are able to play in the trial version of the game. One of the previous parts of the story can be seen here:


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