Top 10 Rhythm Games Ft. Forrest the Fox

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All content used is as follows
Games Used
Persona Dancing All Night
New Guitar Hero
Project Diva
Audio Surf
Samba de amigo
DJ Hero 1/2
Parappa the rapper 1/2
Space Channel 5 1/ Part 2
Patapon 1/2/3
Bit Trip Runner 1 / 2
Taiko Drum Master Wii / wii u
Project Diva F/ F2nd
Elite Beat Agent
Rhythm Heaven 3DS, Fever
Dance Central
FF Curtain Call
DK Bongo
Tap Tap Revenge
Rock Band
The Rhythm of Fighters
Rhythm Theif
Just Dance

Music Used

Song: Lightness
Artist: Tobu
Artist's channel:

Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away
➞ SoundCloud
➞ Facebook
➞ Twitter

➞ SoundCloud
➞ Facebook

Parappa the Rapper – Sunny Funny Band
Space Channel 5 - Guitar Showdown
Patapon – Fever Song
Bit Trip Runner 2 – Super Funk
Taiko no Tasujin – Sengoku Sangen
Hatsuna miku – two breaths walking

Chubby mosh - Wrong Hole Surprise

Rhythm Heaven Fever – Title Theme

Meizong – No Comments
Meizong YouTube:
Meizong SoundCloud:

All content belongs to their rightful owners, and i take no ownership of the content used in this video. All content, whether it be game play footage or music, was used under fair use law for review, and educational purposes. Please support the official release if there is any available. These are great games, and the companies responsible deserve your businesses.

CONTENT IS NOT MINE. THIS IS FOOTAGE FROM Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. Go to to watch this and future charity speedrunning marathons! Player: Second player at end: Wanted to make sure people get to see this awesome display by one of my favorite streamers! (And one of the best SM players in the world!) My Twitch:

I love rhythm games and I miss having arcades around where they can be played. I was reminded of this when visiting the arcades in Akihabara and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan, where the arcade scene is still booming and where gaming at the arcade is though of as social event. When Guitarfreaks was copied as Guitar Hero in the USA, the rhythm gaming scene was booming in the west for a while, but it has since died out due to the lack of novelty. By introducing you to new and classic rhythm games, I hope you will be reminded of the fun you had with guitar hero and I hope you will become curious about playing newer rhythm games too :) For making the video, I have borrow a bit from other youtubers, and their videos can be found in full length here: Amazing Japanese man plays Dance Evolution: 90 year old plays Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero III: Through Fire and Flames: OSU! Skrillex - Bangarang: Dude rocks out on Taiko No Tatsujin ReRave Arcade: Reflec Beat - Playing on two screens: MaiMai Orange - POV: Japanese taking turns on MaiMai: If your video is missing, please let me know, and I will cite it. Cheers!

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ごっつぁん兄弟 - Gottsuan Brother "Megamix" is known as "The Best+" in Japanese version.


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