Dirt 2 16K resolution | RTX 2080 Ti SLI 16K | Dirt 2 16K gameplay

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Dirt 2 16K resolution | RTX 2080 Ti SLI 16K | Dirt 2 16K gameplay was recorded for demonstration and educational purposes. Dirt 2 16K gaming was recorded with ShadowPlay in real-time in 4K resolution to reduce all the lag and demonstrate you fps without a dramatic fps drop or lag, so to get fps without the recording just add 3 fps to the fps counter.

I used PC System specs:

Motherboard: Asus Maximus XI Hero Wi-fi

CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K 5.3GHz stable overclocked( 6 cores enabled, 2 cores were disabled and no hyper threading with vcore: 1.395v)

SSD: Crucial 2 TB M500 for game installation

Ram DDR4: Corsair Vengeance 2133 MHz CAS 13

Video cards: 2x EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2080 Ti video cards with EVGA NVLink SLI bridge (GPUs were stock frequencies and VRAM was overclocked to +600 MHz (+1200 MHz additional frequencies boost to stock GDDR6 frequencies)

Power Supply: EVGA 1600 Watt T2 Titanium Grade

OS: Windows 10 Pro installed on Samsung 850 Pro 2 TB

Recording software: Nvidia ShadowPlay while recording at 4K resolution to decrease video encoding lag

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Dirt Rally 2.0 has been released for Deluxe Edition owners today and it joins a long list of rally racing games that have been released over the past few decades. Here you can see gameplay from 20 of the most notable rally racing games, featuring classics like the original Colin McRae Rally, recent games like WRC 7 and V-Rally 4 and even some cult favorites like Richard Burns Rally. And of course Dirt Rally 2.0 is included as well. :) In each game I am showing about one minute of gameplay on a gravel stage using third person view. As a car I am using the Subaru Impreza in each game that has it available, which are 15 of the 20 games. Don't expect a variety of cars, locations and camera views, since that is not what this video is about. It's about showing a similar type of gameplay in a large number of rally racing games. This allows you to compare the graphics, sounds, physics and co-drivers of the different games. As I always do for my large compilations I spent many hours recording all the different clips and did tons of restarts to make sure that all the runs look as smooth and good as possible. I also carefully selected all the stages that I used after looking at the different options. Personally I am very happy with how the video turned out and I hope that you guys too will enjoy this awesome look at the history and the evolution of rally racing games. :) Timeline: 0:09 V-Rally 1 (PS1) - New Zealand with Subaru Impreza 1:37 Colin McRae Rally 1 (PS1) - New Zealand with Subaru Impreza 3:09 V-Rally 2 (PS1) - England with Subaru Impreza 4:33 Colin McRae Rally 2 (PS1) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 6:10 V-Rally 3 (PS2) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 7:55 Colin McRae Rally 3 (PC) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 9:30 Colin McRae Rally 4 (PC) - Australia with Subaru Impreza 10:51 Richard Burns Rally (PC) - Australia with Subaru Impreza 12:07 Dirt 1 (PC) - Italy with Subaru Impreza 13:39 Dirt 2 (PC) - Croatia with Subaru Impreza 15:15 Dirt 3 (PC) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 16:41 WRC 4 (PC) - Italy with Mitsubishi Lancer 17:55 WRC 5 (PC) - Italy with Hyundai i20 19:13 Dirt Rally (PC) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 20:50 Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo (PC) - Finland with Subaru Impreza 22:10 WRC 6 (PC) - Australia with Toyota Yaris 23:34 Dirt 4 (PC) - Australia with Subaru Impreza 25:10 WRC 7 (PC) - Finland with Toyota Yaris 26:27 V-Rally 4 (PC) - Sequoia with Mitsubishi Lancer 27:47 Dirt Rally 2 (PC) - New Zealand with Subaru Impreza Dirt Rally 2.0 is the 13th entry in the rally and dirt racing franchise by Codemasters, which started under the name Colin McRae Rally and then later transitioned into the Dirt brand, adding additional disciplines like Rallycross, Hill Climb and Raid. 10 of the 13 games can be seen in this video. Another notable rally racing franchise of the past is V-Rally, which recently came back with V-Rally 4 after a hiatus of more than 10 years. The WRC games are based on the real life World Rally Championship and feature a large number of countries but lack a lot of cars from the past. All 4 V-Rally games and the last 4 WRC games can be seen in this video. Richard Burns Rally is a cult favorite especially among simulation fans despite its age and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo is another notable game from outside of the major franchises, being based on the most successful WRC driver of all time. Which of these 20 rally racing games are your favorites? Which of the games has the best selection of rally stages for you and which one has the best co-driver? Feel free to share your views in the comments. Just make sure to stay reasonable and respectful towards all the games and also towards the video itself. Personally I really enjoyed Dirt 1-3, since they had pretty good physics and a nice variety of content. Dirt 4 was a bit disappointing for me because of the randomly generated rally stages in Freeplay, since Leaderboard Time Attack on all the fixed stages is actually what I spent most of my time with in Dirt 3. In terms of pure rally games I actually view WRC 6 as quite an underrated game, since to me both the physics and the stages in it are actually a lot better than people give them credit for. What is indeed disappointing about the WRC games is the lack of older cars like the Impreza though. Dirt Rally, Richard Burns Rally and Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo are all not that great for me because of their physics. They might be better for people who are playing with wheel though. The classic CMR and V-Rally games were great for their time, even if not all of them aged well in every regard. Not sure how I feel about V-Rally 4. Dirt Rally 2.0 is too new for me to judge yet but the first impression was at least better than expected and I should be making some more videos of the game over the coming weeks. Maybe I will even do a big Rallycross compilation as well, so definitely keep following the channel if you enjoy big racing game compilations like this one. :)

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