NFSC Career Secret Tutorial

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Subscribe and enjoy! First, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Anyway, after going through Need For Speed Carbon's career 3 times I finally got all the clips I needed. It was a very time consuming process. I wouldn't really call it a glitch video, but it is close enough to one. The hardest clip to get was of my Corvette and Darius in front of the safe house because I had to get my Corvette before I completed a quarter of the game and getting that kind of cash in that timespan takes a long time. Thanks to glitchfan2428 for posting the original video. More to come in the upcoming days!

В этой серии мы проверим миф о том, что можно уйти от Кросса путём езды в обратном направлении - в Рокпорт, а также то, что даже если мы и проиграем первый - тестовый заезд в начале карьеры, то нам всё равно предложат взять ту тачку, на которой мы были! :) И, друзья, не забывайте про ЛАЙКИ! Это очень сильно поможет нашему Каналу! Полезные вам ссылки находятся здесь: Вконтакте: Аск: Группа vk: Facebook : Twitter: Если кого заинтересовал наш проект - Вы можете ему помочь ;) Никого не принуждаю! Дело ваше! WebMoney: Рубли: R196723356086 Гривны: U411872510661 Доллары: Z205108201793 ----------------------------------------­----------

This video shows every race offered in Need for Speed: Carbon's side campaign called the Challenge Series. Having a difficult time beating this mode? Perhaps this can help. Expand the description if you want to check out a certain event. Canyon Duel [0:03] Bronze Canyon Duel - Lexus IS300 [1:05] Silver Canyon Duel - Plymouth Road Runner [1:44] Gold Canyon Duel - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Canyon Races [3:41] Bronze Canyon Race - Mazda RX-8 [6:16] Silver Canyon Race - Mitsubishi Eclipse GT [8:26] Gold Canyon Race - Nissan 350Z Checkpoint [10:56] Bronze Checkpoint Race - Renault Clio V6 [14:22] Silver Checkpoint Race - Plymouth Hemi Cuda [17:22] Gold Checkpoint Race - Porsche 911 GT3 RS Canyon Checkpoint [20:53] Bronze Canyon Checkpoint Race - Chevrolet Camaro SS [23:27] Silver Canyon Checkpoint Race - Mazda RX-7 [25:10] Gold Canyon Checkpoint Race - BMW M3 GTR Canyon Drift [27:24] Bronze Canyon Drift - Aston Martin DB9 [29:50] Silver Canyon Drift - Toyota MR2 [31:49] Gold Canyon Drift - Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Pursuit Evasion [33:43] Bronze Pursuit Evasion - Mazda Mazdaspeed3 [36:50] Silver Pursuit Evasion - Dump Truck [43:54] Gold Pursuit Evasion - Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Trade Paint [59:57] Bronze Trade Paint - Dodge Charger SRT-8 [1:06:19] Silver Trade Paint - Subaru Impreza WRX STI [1:09:13] Gold Trade Paint - Chevrolet Chevelle SS Circuit [1:22:17] Bronze Circuit Race - Alfa Romeo Brera [1:26:32] Silver Circuit Race - Lamborghini Gallardo Coupé [1:30:38] Gold Circuit Race - Shelby GT500 Sprint [1:34:35] Bronze Sprint Race - Dodge Charger R/T [1:37:13] Silver Sprint Race - Porsche Cayman S [1:40:31] Gold Sprint Race - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Drift [1:42:42] Bronze Drift - Lotus Europa S [1:45:01] Silver Drift - Toyota Supra [1:47:02] Gold Drift - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Speedtrap [1:49:58] Bronze Speedtrap - Chrysler 300C HEMI SRT-8 [1:53:10] Silver Speedtrap - Ford Mustang GT [1:55:49] Gold Speedtrap - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Race Wars [1:58:10] Bronze Race Wars - 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse [2:04:23] Silver Race Wars - Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG [2:16:38] Gold Race Wars - Dodge Challenger Concept Collector's Edition Challenges Checkpoint [2:23:09] Bronze Checkpoint Race - Angie's Dodge Challenger Concept [2:25:18] Silver Checkpoint Race - Wolf's Lamborghini Murciélago Coupé [2:28:32] Gold Checkpoint Race - Kenji's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Pursuits [2:40:21] Bronze Disable 25 Cops - Shelby GT500 [2:55:01] Silver 5 Minute Evasion - Jaguar XK [3:05:30] Gold Disable Rhino SUV - Dodge Viper SRT-10 Race Wars [3:16:38] Bronze Race Wars - Nissan 240SX [3:25:27] Silver Race Wars - Chevrolet Camaro Concept [3:31:21] Gold Race Wars - Koenigsegg CCX

I made a lot of researches creating a big list of racing games published in the last 30 years and I selected the most popular cars I saw the most and the most iconic ones. Of course, that's just a personal list. And you? What's yours? :-) Commentary by RynoGT4: Please, support me and my work on Patreon:

2 hours for orignal upload, then vegas crashed. in total this vid uploaded for over 5 hours. but now it is up. something in a completely different style, hope you enjoy!

Jackson “Jacka̶s̶s̶” Rourke is having a very bad day. He owes some dangerous people a lot of money, and now he's a marked man. On top of that, the police are hot on his tail, anxious to take him down. He may have finally found a way out thanks to a woman named Sam Harper. Unfortunately, it may cost him his life. Subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos: Follow Reiji online: Cars used in this run: Shelby GT500 Super Snake Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 Audi R8 V10 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 [0:18] Jack Ruorke Introduction [5:07] Sam Harper Introduction [9:38] STAGE 1: WEST COAST [9:38] San Francisco, CA / Nob Hill [11:36] San Francisco, CA / Downtown [14:20] Altamont Pass, CA / Altamont Pass Rd [17:32] Altamont Pass, CA / Interstate 580 [20:54] STAGE 2: NATIONAL PARK [21:40] Yosemite Approach, CA / 140 Hwy [24:15] Yosemite National Park, CA / El Portal Rd [26:53] Yosemite National Park, CA / El Capitan [29:02] Tioga Pass, CA / Tioga Pass Rd [31:30] Tioga Pass, CA / Ellery Lake [35:48] STAGE 3 DESERT VALLEY [36:33] Death Valley National Park, CA / Panamint Valley [40:00] Death Valley National Park, CA / Junction Rd [42:26] Calvada Springs, NV / Old Spanish Trail [45:44] Las Vegas, NV / (vs NIKKI & MILA) Interstate 15 [49:56] Las Vegas, NV / Las Vegas Blvd [51:44] Las Vegas, NV Northshore Rd [55:55] STAGE 4 DESERT HILLS [56:10] Valley of Fire, NV / Northshore Rd [58:56] Moapa Valley, NV / Hwy 169 [1:01:38] Zion National Park, UT / Rockville [1:05:06] Million Dollar Highway / Red Mountain Pass [1:07:56] Million Dollar Highway / Loghill [1:11:27] STAGE 5 THE ROCKIES [1:12:14] Grand Mesa National Forest, CO / I-70 [1:16:06] Grand Mesa National Forest, CO / Glenwood Springs [1:20:05] Independence Pass, CO / Route 82 [vs CESAR DELEON] [1:23:30] Independence Pass, CO / Aspen [1:26:48] Independence Pass, CO / Summit [1:31:19] STAGE 6 THE PLAINS [1:32:04] Denver, CO / Commerce City [1:35:05] Rushville, NE / Hwy 20 [1:37:35] Badlands National Park, SD / South Dakota 44 [1:40:40] Badlands National Park, SD / South Dakota 240 [1:44:00] Lismore, MN / County Rd 25 [vs CALVIN GARRET] [1:47:02] STAGE 7 CHICAGO APPROACH [1:47:16] La Crosse, WI / Country Hwy [1:50:17] Fort Atkinson, WI / Riverside Dr [1:53:18] Park Ridge, IL / Kennedy Expressway [1:57:19] Chicago, IL / Lower Wacker [vs MARCUS BLACKWELL] [2:05:22] STAGE 8 THE GREAT LAKES [2:06:13] Chicago, IL / Downtown [2:08:38] Chicago, IL / Lakeshore Drive [2:11:27] Toledo, OH / Interstate 75 [2:14:07] Cleveland, OH / Northwest Freeway [2:16:26] Cleveland, OH / Industrial District [2:21:41] STAGE 9 STATE FOREST [2:22:34] Beaver Valley, PA / Expressway [2:25:21] National Fwy, WV / Interstate 68 [2:28:28] Garrett State Forest, MD / Deer Park [vs MILA BELOVA] [2:31:49] Big Run State Park, MD / Sawmill Drive [2:34:51] STAGE 10 EAST COAST [2:35:26] Tumbling Run, PA / Pine Grove Rd [vs EDDIE COOKE] [2:38:12] New Jersey, NJ / Interstate 78 Express [2:40:07] New Jersey, NJ / Union [2:43:33] New Jersey, NJ / Newark Bay [vs CESAR DELEON] [2:47:25] New Jersey, NJ / New Jersey Turnpike [vs CALVIN GARRET] [2:50:48] New York, NY / Downtown [vs ???]


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