Angry Birds 2: King Pig Panic

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"The King and his Chef" The King pig has prepared a gauntlet and fortified his position, as the birds circle around ready to assault! The First stage will take place in the stormy mountain, against some light fortifications placed in difficult locations. The King Pig awaits at the end. The second map will be the rainy amusement park, where bouncy trampolines are ready to make each shot tricky, the Chef pig will meet the birds at the end of this stage. In the last level, the Flooded Meadow will be the field of battle, and the Chef Pig awaits with some crazy fortifications along the shoreline!

Angry Birds 2: Daily Challenges (playlist):
Angry Birds 2: King Pig Panic (playlist):
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"Time to Hunt the Chef!" The Chef Pig will be the one panicking in these challenging levels! There will be some bad weather in this episode of King Pig Panic, and the Chef Pig will be the one facing us. First in the rainy meadow, which has flooded. The Chef Pig is smart with his lifesaver, but it won't matter in the end. For round two, the Stormy Mountain will be the scenario of this battle. The Chef Pig will stand against Red, Blue, Chuck, and their companions, but will prove to be another beaten pig, as he retreats to the Rainy Sky Village for the last encounter. Angry Birds 2: Daily Challenges (playlist): Angry Birds 2: King Pig Panic (playlist): --- Our Latest Videos: Channel: ---

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