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Disguised Toast tries out the new Dragon Priest with Prince Keleseth in it, as well as Grand Archivist and Spiteful Summoner to go with those big spells!

Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs Gameplay.

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Disguised Toast tries the new Quest Rogue deck featuring Sonya Shadowdancer and Zola the Gorgon in the new Hearthstone Expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs. Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Edited by:

Another month, another Quest Mage Legend climb. Disguised Toast is back at it again. Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Pathra's Channel:

Amazon Coins UK: Disguised Toast manages to play 2 copies of Twig of the World Tree playing Tess Greymane Rogue deck against a Quest Taunt Warrior in Witchwood. Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Hearthstone Ranked Arena Gameplay HS RNG

What happens when a a game has 4 Toki's and 20 Scrolls of wonder? Find out now, as Disguised Toast face off against a regular stream sniper! Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Edited by:

Hearthstone - Best of Dungeon Low AI Moments - Best of Hearthstone Funny and Lucky moments! Kobolds & Catacombs Hearthstone best WTF Moments 2017, Funny Moments, Rng and Salty plays!ft Missed Lethals and Misplays ►Best of Dungeon Run : ►Best of Kobolds & Catacombs Fails: ►Best of Kobolds & Catacombs Combos: ►Send me hearthstone moments! - CREDITS: (0:00): (Barnyard Rumble - Hakan Eriksson) (0:59): (Chefs From Around The World 3 - Magnus Ringblom) (1:22): (Tripping Around Town 3 - Magnus RIngblom) (2:02): (Schoolyard Playgrounds 2 - Magnus Ringblom) (3:11): , (Funkorama - Kevin MacLeod) (3:54): (Dinner Party 3 - Anders Bothen) (4:37): (Barnyard Rumble 2 - Hakan Eriksson) (5:15): (Flower Funk 8 - Martin Klem) (5:40): (Tubba Wadle - Audionautix) (6:03): (Well Worth the Wait - Silent Partner) (6:31): , (Willy Wallbanger 3 - Anders Bothen ) (7:14): (Game Show - Silent Partner) (7:42): (Frappe Snowland - Mario Kart 64 theme) (8:05): (Modern Day Funk Fiesta 6 - Anders Bothen) (8:50): , (Pots And Pancakes 2 - Gunnar Johnsen) (9:25): (Soul Chain 1 - Stefan Netsman) (10:00): (Feeling Spring 2 - Martin Gauffin) (10:28): (Busy Brasseries 1 - Magnus Ringblom) (11:05): (Love Skavoovie 2 - Per Anders Nilsson) (12:23): (Kitchendom Virtuoso 5 - Magnus Ringblom) Outro Music Sound: Hearthstone footage with permission by Blizzard Entertainment: Everything is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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