Let's Play Jaws Unleashed Ep.10 THE DEEP|THE FACILITY

author Shadefyre   3 years ago

This one has a worse frame rate but is my initial playthrough.
In the tenth episode of Let's Play Jaws Unleashed, we go down deep to find Environplus' giant underwater facility that probably does something. Of course, our goal is to destroy the facility for disrupting the natural environment or something. So we swim through the ?ore tunnels? full of rock clouds, deadly eels, and divers to destroy control rooms in order to shut off a grinder leading into the main facility. Inside, we're accosted by a hilariously large colossal squid trapped inside, and eat it bit by bit until we can trick it into destroying more of the facility. Then we go deeper and kill the CEO of Environplus, which causes the facility to explode. All in a day's sharking.

In the eleventh episode of Let's Play Jaws Unleashed, we kick things off by smashing some divers out of their flimsy cages. Then we decide to harass some Environplus execs by throwing explosive barrels at their houses and then setting them on fire and eating them.

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