come and play Hearthstone and Battle me

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play Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft!

OFFICIAL ASTRAL THROB MERCH STORE: ARTWORK: Intuitive Designs / Dixon Jong TRACKLIST: 0:00 Zane Alexander - D a y 2:29 Emil Rottmayer - Evade 6:02 Unfound - Dawn 10:12 FRACTAL MAN - Glimpses of Starlight 15:30 A.L.I.S.O.N - Golden Dust 19:58 Stratford Ct. - HOME - Still Life 23:10 Unfound - Intercept 26:46 loosegoose - SPRINGFIELD '96 29:37 Color Index - Intervals (Open Spectrum) 31:40 Nowtro - Still Human (Teaser) 37:58 Syntax - Syntax - Stratus (f. HOME) 41:26 oDDling - Ascend SUBMISSIONS / SPONSORS / INQUIRY: Email to "" Rights of all materials in this video belong to their respectful owners. This video is meant for promotional and entertainment purposes only. Contact "" for removal.

Chúc anh em xem stream vui ve nạ. Nhớ subcribe kênh và follow theo dõi mình nha ! + SteamGroup : + Group : + Facebook : + Fanpage : ► DONATION : * Skin Dota2: * Chuyển khoản NH : * Paypal / credit card : * Playerdou : Cám ơn tất cả anh em đã ủng hộ.

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Use my code in the item shop! realohshootkid --SCRIMS TOURNAMENT AT 1,000 SUPPORTERS! CROSS PLATFORM LOBBIES, SCRIM EVERY HOUR SCRIM RULES: AVOID FIGHTS until 3rd circle has started to close. Pushing me early/going for fights will result in bans. Lobby code will be dropped first in channel members discord (become a member below!) then in chat. First 100 people to queue will join. Servers are NA West. All wins are tracked monthly for prizes. BECOME A MEMBER 😎on my Channel for special perks! ⚔CLICK "JOIN" Button or use this LINK: ♦️Use my custom emojis in chat ♦️Get a special badge next to your name (your name will also show up in green!) ♦️Get invited to my Members Only Chatroom on Discord! ♦️Play custom sound effects on stream by using commands! ♦️You earn MORE coins (thou) on stream! ♦️Costs $4.99/month (Credit/Debit Card or PayPal & cancel anytime) Join my Discord to hang out and talk off stream! Member Sound Effects: !boom !airhorn !badbruce !surprise !fun !drumroll !oof !sad Stream Rules: Be kind to others No self-promotion No links No asking for mods I do not play with people or offer other services for donations! All donations are greatly appreciated, but please keep this in mind when donating! I do not offer refunds for donations. Please make sure you can afford whatever you are donating, and donate responsibly! Donations greatly help out the stream, but are not expected! I also will not add you, mod you, or do anything else for a donation, so please understand that when you are donating! #xbox #live #fortnite

WE PLAYED A GAME OF MONOPOLY WITH REAL CASH, IT WAS CRAZY New Merch - SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------


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