Batman vs. Amanda Waller (In full)

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Scenes taken from Justice League Unlimited (no 1 scene here, another there) all known confrontations compiled together.

She can act like she got a pair all she wants... Batman is still the boss...

EDIT: the definition of confrontation in this video refers to face to face meetings, so any scene where they spoke but not in person (IE: the phonecall) does not count

Compilation of the Best Batman scenes from the Justice League show. He has to be the greatest comic character ever created. Scene#1: Deadshot is being questioned after trying to escape the Justice League. From the episode "The Enemy Below" Scene#2: Another interrogation/intimidation method. He is asking about Felix Faust - the magician. From episode "Paradise Lost" Scene#3: Wonder Woman and Batman are looking for Orion, a god from New genesis so he can aid them in battle with Darkseid and Brainiac. From episode "Twilight" Scene#4: Batman confronts A.M.A.Z.O. a robot build by one of Luthors ex-scientists. He can copy his enemies powers...and not only that... Episode "Tabula Rasa" Scenes#5-7: All from episode "Only a Dream". The whole Justice League face a new threat, Dr. Destiny. He puts the whole League in a catatonic sleep in which he can control and eliminate them. The only ones left awake are Batman and J'onn. Scene#8: A short version of the dance and kindap scene from episode "Maid of Honor". Wonder Woman and Batman meet for the first time unmasked on a exquisite party in Paris. But does Diana know who Bruce really is? Scene#9: Also from episode "Maid of Honor". Batman is trying to stop a theft from S.T.A.R. Labs commited by some Kaznian special forces unit. My personal favorite scene ;) Scene#10-11: Batman of our Earth is having an active conversation with Batman from The Justice Lords world. Who will convert who to his ideals? From "A Better World" epi. Scene#12: Flash is battleing Sinestro after the League is dismantled (all thanks to Gorilla Grodd). He asks Batman for help. Episode "Secret Society" Scene#13: Superman is presumed dead. Batman visits his grave in Metropolis looking for clues. He opens himself for a brief moment after he lost his faith in his private investigation, that was supposed to prove that Superman is still alive. From "Hereafter" episode. Scene#14: From the last episode of The Justice League "Starcrossed". The Thanagarians invade Earth and want to track down and kill the Justice League. They have to go civilian. Only they never saw themselves without the masks... Scene#15: Again from "Starcrossed" episode. Batman, Martian Manhunter and The Flash are retaking The Watchtower. Batman has a plan on how to foil Thanagarian plans of Earth destruction. And he want to do it...his way. Maybe I will do the same with The Justice League unlimited series :)

Sinestro and Boodikka go behind the Lanterns backs and take matters into their own hands. Their plans get discovered and have no choice but to fight.

Warner Bros owns this. I own nothing.

Recalling one of these clips led to a conversation about the funny Batman moments in the animated Justice League, which led to applying little moral lessons to everything Batman does, which led to a wasted hour of clipping little videos. Be Patient - "Hereafter" JL S02E19 It's the Thought that Counts - ""For the Man That Has Everything" JLU S01E02 Be Prepared - "Dark Heart" JLU S01E10 Offer Helpful Advice - "Hereafter" JL S02E19 Know Your Limits - "Dark Heart" JLU S01E10 Be Honest with Yourself - "This Little Piggy" JLU S01E05 Be Sporting - "Destroyer" JLU S02E13 Learn to Delegate - "Kids' Stuff" JLU S01E03 Everything's Relative - "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time, Warped" JLU S01E13 Show. No. Fear. - "This Little Piggy" JLU S01E05

I Do not own this. It is taken from justice league animated series by DC and WB purely for entertainment and not for any commercial purpose.


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