Batman Arkham Knight - Combo Master AR Challenge - 3 Stars - Batgirl

author DS Productions   1 years ago

Here you can find a 3 star run of the AR Challenge "Combo Master," while playing as Batgirl.

All playable characters (except Joker) taking down the villains in the first scarecrow nightmare that takes place after Batman's identity is revealed using a character swap/free roam mod. Also shows off the amazing job Rocksteady did with all the model's face flexes. 0:00 Batman 2:54 Arkham Knight/Red Hood 5:50 Azrael 9:01 Batgirl 11:50 Bruce Wayne/Hush 14:46 Catwoman 17:38 Gordon 20:21 Harley Quinn 23:15 Nightwing 26:07 Robin BmInput.ini code: Noclip instructions:

Not in The Guidebook - Complete all Opportunities in World of Tomorrow

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