author Flamingo   9 mounths ago

I FINALLY play Baldi... but I was a lot closer to Baldi than anyone ever knew... this is sad can we get 1 thousand hundred thousand hundred baldi likes on baldi's basics game.

today I joined Life in Paradise 2 to be greeted with some different admin commands than usual on the 3rd page, I found one that let me take people's parts and throw them at others then the others would get respawned lol

Today we type in very random things into the search bar on the roblox games page and see what kind of great things we can find...

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I had to go back to Robloxian High School today to show off my brand new look! hope everyone loves it xoxo

Today I play Roblox Adopt Me and it's all great and all until MY ADOPTER GIRL MOM FREEZES me in an ice block


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