Angry Birds 2 MEBC (Bubbles) S12D24 07/06/2019

author Mr. Vice Guy   3 mounths ago

*Season 12|Day 24*
*178m pts and 36 eagle coins from 11 rooms cleared w/
*Soundtrack: DJ Tiesto - Nyana*
*- Mr Vice Guy (Wild Birds #96354)*

*Season 14|Day 8: 221M points and 56 eagle coins from 14 rooms cleared w/ Bubbles* *Soundtrack: Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire & Coffee Break* *- Mr Vice Guy (Wild Birds #96354)*

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*Season 13|Day 43: 162M points and 36 eagle coins from 11 rooms cleared w/ Stella* *Soundtrack: Bassnectar - Bass Head (MRK1 Remix)* *- Mr Vice Guy (Wild Birds #96354)*

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