Fastest Gun Game in the World 1:40 (1:30) | Black Ops - Or1G1nAL_FlaMe PS3

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1) Its legit, just watch the video :)
2) The timer is not sped up or gameplay is not sped up because you can see the blackops in-game timer on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, it is un-editable
3)Grim reaper was removed in january on xbox and ps3 because of a bug, they put in RPG for like a month which I got this game in...they put it back in after.
4) Song is below

Message me if you want to post this on your channel...
This is a legit 1 minute and 40 second gun game match
Gameplay by: Or1G1nAL_FlaMe on my account
(at my house chillin')

song in intro: Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults

Hello, Thank you for watching!

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