Rez Infinite - Area 1

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Neat, kinda trippy

Artist: Hydelic Track: Area X Mix - Blue Version (Alternate Ending) Game: Rez Infinite (2016) / PS4 Get the game in the Playstation Store: US store:!/en-us/games/rez-infinite/cid=UP0751-CUSA05868_00-REZINFINITE00000 EU store:!en-gb/games/rez-infinite/cid=EP0748-CUSA06338_00-REZINFINITE00001 Japan store:!/ja-jp/rez-infinite/cid=JP1049-CUSA06209_00-REZINFINITE00002 Thank you for this masterpiece, Mizuguchi-San! Soundtrack and merchandise available at iam8bit:

All music, characters and copyright belongs to SquareEnix. ALMIGHTY BHUNIVELZE Unofficial lyrics by DerUbermensch (DeviantArt) LATIN: Deum time, et ira! Omnipotens Bhunivelze! Ne in ira tua! Noli timere tuas! At vero in finem dierum Raptus est in gloria! Time amorem divinum et aeternum quod instat! Dea Mortis, servabo, Ut tempora recte ducam. Etsi cor in Chaos, Aut Fortuna bella ferat. Ragnarok de Dies Irae l'Cie Pultis. Tuum fatum sequeris. Sanctuarium tuum affligeas. Per somnum aeternum Numen divinum dictus est Viator elamentabilis. ENGLISH: Fear the wrath of God! Almighty Bhunivelze! Fear thy wrath! Fear the end of days! The glorious rapture! Fear thy divine love and eternal hand! Goddess of Death, I will protect, As I lead time straight. Even if there is a heart in Chaos, Or if Fortune may bring wars. Ragnarok Come Day of Wrath, O Pulse l'Cie. Embrace thy fate, thine home to burn. That fallen souls might bare our plea To hasten the Divine's return. O piteous Wanderer.

Album: Rez: Gamer's Guide to... Track: 01 - Buggie Running Beeps 01 For entertainment purposes ONLY. Not for sale or distribution. Property of Sega. Rez (C) 2001 SEGA

Here's Area 1 of Rez, the PS2 version, as played on a 60GB PS3.

Gameplay from Rez Infinite, a VR shooter game with surreal visuals that blend with the music for an experience of synesthesia. Rez Infinite is a $24.99 VR music based shooter and visualization game that supports VR gameplay with the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the PSVR. Rez Infinite also supports non-VR gameplay on PC and PS4. The game is has you flying through colorful environments, shooting enemies in sync with the beats from the soundtrack. The environments and visuals are also synced with the beats so it is a very immersive VR experience. In this video I check out Area X, a level of Rez Infinite build specifically for VR, and the regular game mode of Rez Infinite which is a recreation of the original Rez game. Official game description of Rez Infinite on Steam: "The legendary action-shooter finally comes to PC, and in style! Blast your way through mind-melting visuals and amazing beats, all in your quest through cyberspace to save a world on the verge of collapse. Playable on your desktop or in fully immersive VR. One of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time finally comes to PC, and in style: Experience 360 degrees of mind-blowing synesthesia as you blast through waves of enemies and giant transforming bosses, with colors and sounds that sync and blend to the beat of Rez’s legendary techno soundtrack. Whether you choose to play in standard desktop mode or opt for the full immersion of playing in VR, Rez Infinite must be seen—and heard—to be believed." Check out Rez Infinite on Steam: If you want to see more virtual reality gameplay content and reviews, check out my channel. I put out VR gameplay videos for the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift with Touch, and the PSVR. Please subscribe if you like my VR videos! Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 64bit Video Card: GeForce GTX 1080 Memory: 32 gigs Processor: 4.0 GHz Intel Core i7-5820K VR Hard Drive: Samsung 840 EVO 1TB 2.5" SSD This video was filmed with the HTC Vive virtual reality HMD, check it out on Amazon:


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