Fortnight montage -earth (Lil dicky)

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Episode 421: TOP 100 FORTNITE SNIPES OF 2018! In today's video we feature the best 100 snipes of the year 2018. We have some of the best sniper kills including Drlupo and dakotaz! Don't forget to like if these are some of the top snipes of 2018! Have a business proposal? Send us an email at: Like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!

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These are the top 100 trickshots that have ever been hit in Fortnite! Enjoy the craziest hunting rifle shots, no scopes, bounce pad plays, 360s, and just insane trickshots. Huge shoutout to these guys for sending in clips: Orba: Maxie - Flex - Soma - Stats - gzillaR - Tojo - Faze Mew - Reckzo - ✦Submit YOUR Clips! Send to ►◄ ► Music: ▪ Outro Song: Omoshiroebi - Mille Feuille (Orig. Stepic) ◦ ►How to submit your videos & Fortnite clips to Locandro: 1) Upload your video to Youtube, Twitch, or Twitter 2) Send the link of your clip to this email: ( ) I will then watch the clip you've sent and if I like it, I will feature it in a future video! 3) That's it!


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