OPPO X PUBG MOBILE India Tour - Group D | Semi Final-- Day 3

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Catch us live everyday at 5PM as we bring you scintillating #PMIT action from OPPO PUBG MOBILE India Tour. What's more, analysis and casting by some of the best pros and casters in the country and exciting highlights to follow!


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Finally, MortaL and The Real Shot Challenge have crossed paths. We all know how good a player MortaL is, but will he able to dodge the Karela Kick, Hot Shot and the Lime Shock? Or will he collapse to the pressure this challenge holds? Watch this video to find out if MortaL becomes the first person to win the challenge without taking any shots. We've just made an Instagram account! Make sure to follow us there. www.instagram.com/1upgaming_ig

Scout and his team is out of the PMIT Qualifiers. It means they are not playing in the later schedule. Subscribe for more such videos. #tx #scout #owais #ronak #paritosh #team x

Dynamo clan vs soul clan Pubg mobile fight video. Dynamo vs mortal clan meanig hydra vs soul clan fight in vekindi map, Dynamo killed soul mortal dynamo kill soul clan. this video is copyed from the dynamo gaming live.

Pubg Mobile PMIT Group D Round 1 TG Squad Gameplay (TeluguGamer)

The much awaited finals are here, so tune in and watch these behemoths face off against each other over the next few days in action packed matches across multiple maps! Offsider Esports Instagram Handle : https://instagram.com/offsider_esports?igshid=18wud2t02ko81 PAiN Discord Link : https://discord.gg/gXAgBVT PAiN Dragon YT : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNa4RFqFNrPmHlKRz6O-PbQ Team List (According to slots) : 2. INS 3. ORANGE ROCK ESPORTS 4. TEAM 8BIT 5. TEAM IND 6. TEAM PSYCHE ( SG ) 7. AXOM 8. TEAM X 9. RECKONING ESPORTS 10. MEGA STARS 11. TEAM HYPE 12. MAYHEM ALPHA 13. 8BIT RAMPAGE 14. MEGA X 15. TEAM SOUL 16. GODLIKE OFFICIAL 17. GOD'S REIGN 18. COMING SOON 19. RISING HYDRA ( 7S ) 20. ORIENTAL ESPORTS 21. BSUD 22. ORB 23. KILL TO SURVIVE ( K2S ) Schedule (3 matches per day) : 11th September '19 • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (IST) 14th September '19 • 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM (IST) 15th September '19 • 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM (IST)


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