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Need For Speed: Most Wanted In the title screen, enter "BURGERKING" and you will unlock two new challenges in challenge series: "Burgerking" and "Black Edition Challenge". By completing "Burgerking" challenge, you will unlock "JUNKMAN" parts in "My Cars".

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NFS: Carbon - Race #30 - Steyne Aqueduct (Race Wars - Circuit) (PC Version) • Race controlled by: Los Colibries • Reward: $10 000 • Crew Name: ATG • Crew Member: Samson • His role/speciality - Blocker/Fixer • His ride: Dodge Charger R/T (Muscle - Tier 2) • Benefits - Race Bonus: +10 cash bonus per win. - Career Bonus: Zones you control draw less attention from the police. • Biography: Seven-foot Samson discovered early that the best way to win an argument was by picking up your opponent and shaking some sense into them. He takes this philosophy to the streets, where he knows the best way to beat someone to the finish line is making sure they never get there. Samson is intelligent, very educated, and has an expansive vocabulary. • Crew Member: Neville • His role/speciality - Blocker/Fixer • His ride: Renault Clio V6 (Tuner - Tier 2) • Benefits - Race Bonus: Zone Heat does not increase after races. - Career Bonus: +200 cash bonus per win. • Biography: The Big Nev's wide girth discourages him from getting out of his vehicle, and once he's safely tucked inside, it takes a swarm of cops to pry him out. Because this has been known to happen from time to time, he has a particular fondness for running cops off the road. With his predisposition toward small, tuned-out cars, this man's size becomes all the more apparent. He's affable, a form of comic relief, playful, and mischievous - someone who may not be the bravest of all the racers, but who is doggedly determined to help Hero all the way. • Crew Member: Sal Mustella • His role/speciality - Scout/Fabricator • His ride: Volkswagen Golf R32 (Tuner - Tier 2) • Benefits - Race Bonus: Winning races will actually mean less attention from the police. - Career Bonus: Unlocks Autosculpt body kits, hoods and roof scoops. • Biography: Growing up with the guttersnipes of the inner city gave Sal an appreciation for the deftest routes to escape angry shop owners. He finds just as much joy winning races as knowing that nobody else knows how he got there. He's an avid race fan who has never been very popular, spending his time off the track following the careers of all the other racers. Before Hero left Carbon, Sal was a big fan and was in the crowd that fateful night when Hero left town. When he learns of our Hero's return, he seeks Hero out and offers his services. He is a serious racer who acts a little like a weasel, but he proves to be a loyal teammate. Recording Software: Fraps Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

Our aim in this match was to get as many kills as possible. So we just started killing right from the start... PS- Raven is in ACE with almost 5 KD in Asian server. She was already in clan communities. We came into contact through NOVA. PAYTM- 8169159142


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