Even Murloc Hagatha Shaman Witchwood | Hearthstone Guide How To Play

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Не так давно вы могли видеть, как я играю нечетным шаманом в легенде и сегодня я нашёл для вас сборку шамана, автор которой смог взять с помощью этой деки Топ 60 легенды. Колода шамана - темповая и может убить как контрольную , так и агрессивную колоду в ведьмином лес hearthstone. Надеюсь колодка на шамана вам понравится и вы сможете взять с её помощью легенду. Дека: AAECAaoIBiDyBasGws4Cp+4CzfQCDNMBmQL+BdkH8AexCJHBApvLApboAvbsApTvArDwAgA= Поддержи меня монеткой на ЮСАППОРТ: https://you.support/project/HSGruve Мой Твитч Канал: https://www.twitch.tv/gruvetv Подписывайтесь на канал, ставьте лайки и вступайте в армию вконтакте : http://vk.com/hsgruve официальный партнёр канала сайт манакост: http://hs-manacost.ru/

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This is what would happen if people acted like anime in real life... Part 2! CAST Ian Hecox Noah Grossman Keith Leak Jr. Courtney Miller Olivia Sui Shayne Topp CREW Directed and Produced by Ryan Todd Written by Monica Vasandani, Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, & Ryan Finnerty Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats Director of Photography: John Hale Editor: Leonard Wilkes Senior Producer: Alex Hluch Producer: Kristina Nikolic First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson Art Director: Jake Sperling Camera: Brennan Iketani Gaffer: Justin Thatcher Sound Mixer: Greg Jones Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins Costume Designer: Lindsay Hamilton Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice Senior Design: Ness Cardano

🤖💬 We'll see six card nerfs in a Hearthstone update sometime after the HCT Summer Playoffs. They will all be disenchantable for full dust value one the patch arrives. Please do not disenchant these cards until that patch! 📢 Naga Sea Witch - Cost is now 8, up from 5. 📢 Spiteful Summoner - Cost is now 7, up from 6. 📢 Dark Pact - Now restores 4 Health, down from 8. 📢 Possessed Lackey - Cost is now 6, up from 5. 📢 Call to Arms - Cost is now 5, up from 4. 📢 Crystal Core - Effect now makes all minions in your deck 4/4, down from 5/5. 🤖📢I invite you to take part in the Streamers Battle and determine the champion of Card Reviews. Choose your favorite. At the end of the season, we will find out who makes the most accurate predictions. 🏆 #2 Streamers React to Shudderwock - https://youtu.be/aDYouHIEOog 🏆 #1 Streamers React to Baku - https://youtu.be/7f8MWZzPPYM 🤖💬 I gathered an opinion from - Kripparrian, Thijs, Trump, Zalae, Kolento! Full vidios Trump - https://youtu.be/9HkH75rt7uI Thijs - https://youtu.be/hkM06BajaIY Kripparrian - https://youtu.be/nLIb9tIBUf8 Kolento - https://youtu.be/dY72gc2wbdI Zalae - https://youtu.be/9BLbc0MMzN4 🤖💬 Popular Hearthstone Streamers React to... Season 1 1 Hearthstone Streamers React to Possessed Lackey - https://youtu.be/Zq16C7C0AXc 2 Hearthstone Streamers React to Voidlord -https://youtu.be/Xmy_AdyBTWA 3 Hearthstone Streamers React to Call to Arms - https://youtu.be/FzbC23zUw8k 4 Hearthstone Streamers React to Patches the Pirate - https://youtu.be/kFZpVnpWUIs 5 Hearthstone Streamers React to CARD NERF! - https://youtu.be/d0HdigeO66U 6 Hearthstone Streamers React to Prince Keleseth - https://youtu.be/7cobJ9VjkVQ 7 Hearthstone Streamers React to Shadowreaper Anduin - https://youtu.be/apTk6TiP1dQ 8 Hearthstone Streamers React to BONEMARE -https://youtu.be/LJkKy-2dOqI Sorry for English, is not very good. :) More charts and videos are coming soon! Thanks to all the new You Tube subscribers! And also to my subscribers with closed accounts. I do not know your nicknames, but THANKS! Join me at: Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/user/HS_Mathematician Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hs.mathematician Twitter. - https://twitter.com/HS_mathematics


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