The Rise And Fall Of Bunnyhopping

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Please consider supporting us on Patreon: In 1998, a little known company named Valve released a first-person shooter named Half-Life and changed the face of gaming. Where other shooters struggled to provide even a semblance of a story, Half-Life had brains to match its brawns; a stirring tale featuring a realistic human cast and a protagonist that was more than a hand and a gun unfolded before the player’s eyes as they progressed through each level. As Valve grew, so too did Half-Life’s reputation, with Half-Life 2 in 2004 once again revolutionizing the genre, and its episodic expansions, Half-life 2: Episode One and Episode Two, further raising the bar. The series didn’t release consistently, and occasionally suffered unexpected and painful setbacks; but when it did, it seemed as if Valve could do no wrong – until the series suddenly stopped. Shifting priorities, a lack of motivation, and other, more nebulous factors would lead Valve to put Half-Life on ice in the middle of its prime, leaving a generation of gamers adrift, and an opus unfinished. And yet – Half-Life lives on. Be it in the innumerable games and series it inspired or provided the computative bedrock for, an undying stream of mods, or other media based on the franchise, Half-Life’s DNA is permanently embedded in the fabric of the video game industry, and will likely remain so for some time. As sad as it is that a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or a Half-Life 3 will likely never happen, and as frustrating as it is that Valve remains belligerent as to precisely why, the series, for the most part, has only really fallen… out of Valve’s hands. This is the rise and fall of Half-Life. ------------------------------------------------------------- Cinematic shots by Other Places: ------------------------------------------------------------- #gvmers #halflife #valve Subscribe to GVMERS: Follow @GVMERS on Twitter: Like GVMERS on Facebook: Join the GVMERS Discord channel: Subscribe to the GVMERS subreddit:

Playing through the (relatively) Un-Patched version of Half Life. To get a copy of this WON-like version of Half Life 1, follow the instructions in this post: People saying this isn't the original WON client, you're right but read ahead for details: I'm playing a special modification from the speedrunners goldsrc pack. The way it works is it replaces all the game DLLs and other files with the original WON build, BUT it still uses the steam exe for stability & key authentication. That's why you see the steam version of the console in the video. However most if not all the original glitches of the WON version are present such as the bhopping velocity cap being removed etc. "Half-Life (WON) - Mod containing client and server DLL files from the (pre-Steam/WON) version of Half-Life; replicates version for use on a stable engine, with compulsory variables added for legitimacy" Outro music: Joakim Karud - Dreams Free Download/Free use WARNING: It has come to my attention today (2019/10/16) that this song is not copyright free. Samples were taken from THIS SONG: This video is now manually claimed by the creators of that original song. Take note before using it in your videos that it will likely be claimed. P.S: I ended up making that discord server:

With the upcoming release of Session, I figured it would be a good time to go back and take a look at the history of Skateboarding games, such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Skate. These games helped to define my childhood, but today they are dead. In today's video we are going to be covering the rise and fall of these games. Guitar Hero Video: ► Thanks for watching! ► If you enjoyed the video, feel free to subscribe! Twitter: Discord: Steam Group: Business Email: RoboKast

It seems since autohop has been implemented to aid bunny hoppers, it has received harsh criticism, along with the players that use it. I feel like most people aren't able to find the correct statistics that contribute to the differences for both autohop and scroll. tl;dr This video is over the different modes of bhopping, how autohop works, how scroll works, comparing them, and giving defenses to autohop. 0:00 Introduction 0:23 Introducing Scrolling 0:54 The RNG of Scroll 1:57 Introducting Autohop 2:34 The Capabilities of Scroll 3:09 In Defense of Autohop 4:49 Conclusion Links: --- Teachings --- What is: Bunny Hopping - By Steel - CS:GO - Strafing & LongJump Tutorial - By Trilluxe - Runs & Strafes: bhop_arcane_v1 - 4:42 - Forest - bhop_sqee - 5:41 - Forest - bhop_lego2 - 3:28 - Forest - bhop_japan - 1:02 - Forest - bhop_muchfast - 1:39 - Makmak - 289.89 Longjump on 286 Block - kz_colors_v2 - 18:36.12 - ruben - Misc: Very Fast Scroll Wheel on Mouse by Star Comedy - ------------------------- Script & Original Video: ---------------------------- Forest's Comment About Scroll: "scrolling is 100% rng. bhopping is done on 100 tick servers. A perfect jump is achieved by inputting +jump on the same tick you land. There can only be 1 input per tick. For each +jump input, there has to be a -jump input. That means, even scrolling at a perfectly ideal speed of 1 scroll per 2 ticks (2 ticks because you have to wait for -jump input) you can still only hope for an average of 50% jumps where you don't lose speed..." ------------------------------- Twitter (Updates): Steam Profile: Twitch (Only B-Hopping): ------------------------------


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