Captain Price Vs Shepherd - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Ending

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ending of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Escaping from the Atlas Facility - Captured - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This is a video featuring the Sentinel Task Force trying to escape from the Atlas facility after being captured and regroup with the rest of the team in the Captured mission in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision. Sledgehammer Games developed the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, while High Moon Studios developed the versions released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Subscribe for more Call of Duty videos! Please comment & rate! Visit our website: - for the latest game news! Like us on Facebook:

On this channel we have looked at the story of the characters in Call of Duty. It is time to expand to the Modern Warfare universe. Today we look at The Full Story of Captain Price. Hope you enjoy. Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Let's Play Channel: Discord: Use Code "ink" at checkout for %10 off! Kontrol Freek Link:

A Chinook carrying Dante Adams, Patterson, Ybarra, Hernandez, and the balance of Ranger Platoon Bravo 1 is redirected from Gardez and inserted onto Takur Ghar in order to rescue the four members of AFO Neptune. However, as the helicopter is landing, RPGs and heavy small-arms fire damage the helicopter and causes it to crash land, with several wounded and killed in action. Adams is told to man the M134 minigun in the Chinook to suppress the Al-Qaeda attackers while the rest of the unit sets up a defensive perimeter outside. Once the enemy attack falters, Bravo 1 disembarks and counterattacks the well entrenched AQ on foot. As the fire team advances, they come under fire from a bunker, but, with a SOFLAM designation from the Adams, Ybarra calls in a pair of F-15E Strike Eagles to destroy the heavy machine gun position. The squad then continues advancing up the mountain, coming under fire from another bunker, and again Adams designates the bunker for destruction by the F-15Es. Hernandez discovers a cave entrance covered by corrugated iron and is shot and wounded when standing silhouetted in the entryway. Ybarra escorts Hernandez back to the LZ for medical attention while Patterson and Adams push into the cave, meeting with heavy resistance. As they exit the other side, the Rangers link up with Preacher and Voodoo and continue to search for Mother and Rabbit together. The four shooters engage more Al-Qaeda and Chechen Mujahideen forces and make use of a CIA Predator to destroy a fortified machine gun position guarding another cave entrance. Inside the final cave, the four Tier 1 shooters find Mother and Rabbit who are escorted back to the rendezvous point by the Rangers' crashed Chinook. Mother, though injured, checks on Rabbit, who is in critical condition due to wounds received escaping from the Al-Qaeda ambush the night before. Voodoo, Preacher, Mother and Sgt. Patterson try to keep him awake and focused. The evac Chinook had to be redirected from Kandahar Airbase, and, due to a lack of emergency medical treatment, Rabbit passes away while still waiting for the Chinook to arrive. In the helicopter, Preacher takes Rabbit's lucky charm, a rabbit's foot, while Mother exclaims that this is not how their fight will end. Preacher agrees. #robertsridge #rabbitsdeath #chinook

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough - Ending / Final / Last Mission (Mission No. 100) - End Of The Line Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Storyline Missions Playlist: Notes: ● To unlock this mission you must own at least 35% of the territories in Los Santos. ● To make the mission easier, complete the "Firefighter" side mission to become fireproof, the "Paramedic" and the "Vigilante" side missions to have both health and armour increased to maximum before starting this mission. Mission for: Sweet Main Mission Objective: Kill Big Smoke and Frank Tenpenny. Rewards: $250,000 and Respect

Official Network: Facebook page: Twitter: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Alpha the movie invites you into the future of war with the US Armed Forces's point of spear. Inserted deep behind enemy lines, the Ghosts must strike swiftly to eliminate one of the world's most feared war criminals, and vanish as they came. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Alpha - The Movie is the prequel story of the videogame Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future SoldierTM. #FightLikeAGhost Production Companies: Little Minx, Ubisoft Entertainment All Rights Reserved


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