Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - SCPD - End of the Line [Hot Pursuit]

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"Busted a racer in the GUMPERT apollo s Interceptor at night" SCPD - Lockdown [Hot Pursuit]

All cars for Racers in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) I know 2 year old game but its the only good Latest NFS in my opinion. ᐅ Facebook Page: ᐅ Twitch Channel: ᐅ Discord Server:

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit - [Racers] LAMBORGHINI UNTAMED PACK - Resisting Arrest (Hot Pursuit) 5:42.31 블로그 유튜브 채널

NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) Playlist: * Special Response - Fight or Flight (00:17) • Seven racers are on the run in the world's fastest production cars: the McLaren F1, Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR. Bust them all before the race ends. • Used ride: Koenigsegg CCX - Natural Selection (03:51) • You have been chosen to take on SCPD's most difficult assignments. Make sure you live up to your reputation. • Used ride: Koenigsegg CCX - Hard to Handle (06:04) • Only the fastest racers are still at large in Seacrest County but the SCPD won't stop until they are all off the road. • Used ride: Koenigsegg CCX - Damage Limitation (07:45) • It's a police emergency! Get to the end of Westbeach as fast as you can without hitting anything. • Used ride: Koenigsegg CCX - Contact Sport (11:38) • Get to the end of Bear Hollow as fast as you can. Race clean to avoid time penalties. • Used ride: Koenigsegg Agera - Hard Target (16:17) • You'll need to fight your way past their wingmen to bust the three Veyron racers ripping south up Grand Ocean Road. • Used ride: Koenigsegg Agera - Double Cross (19:52) • You are being sent against one of your own. An SCPD officer has gone AWOL and needs to be brought to justice. • Used ride: Koenigsegg Agera - End of the Line (23:10) • Take any car and shut down the hypercars blazing west on Cascade Terrace. Exercise caution - these racers are packing all known cop counter measures. • Used ride: Koenigsegg Agera Used device: Keyboard Recording Software: Shadowplay (NVIDIA GTX 760) Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


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