Need for Speed: Underground 2 - Eclipse Brian O' Conner Tuning

author Burkhan Drey   2 years ago

HOW to make Brian's Eclipse in the Need for Speed: Underground 2

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Ayy what's up guys! Today I bring you some Need For Speed Payback, mission Skyhammer. I am doing it in 3 BMWs. The BMW M4 GTS, BMW X6 M, and the iconic BMW M3 GTR. Hope you guys enjoy! Please make sure to like and subscribe! Till next time!

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ポール・ウォーカーが死んだなんてまだ信じられないよ… ご冥福をお祈り申し上げます。 ブライアン・オコナー:堀内賢雄 ドミニク・トレット:菅田俊 Fast and Furious 音ズレの訪れ修正しました。

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