TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 1 (cutscenes and endings)

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Match Timestamps Below Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Learn more at: http://www.streetfighter.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/streetfighter Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/streetfighter Capcom Fighters Watch live at twitch.tv/capcomfighters Follow us! @capcomfighters Like us! fb.com/capcomfighters Capcom Pro Tour Player Standings, News and More at http://www.capcomprotour.com -- Pools - RISE KBrad (Cammy) VS RRQ Moke (Rashid) 0:16:09 Pools - Mago (Cammy) VS VGIA VegaPatch (F.A.N.G.) 0:22:33 Pools - Takamura (Akuma) VS TEAM iXA stormKUBO (Abigail) 0:29:48 Pools - Reason BoltStrike (Vega) VS NASR BigBird (Rashid) 0:39:39 Pools - Red Bull Bonchan (Karin) VS RRQ Moke (Rashid) 0:50:40 Pools - Liquid Nemo (Urien) VS Takamura (Akuma) 0:59:02 Pools - REC Punk (Karin) VS Mago (Karin) 1:10:20 Pools - CYG AVM GamerBee (Cammy) VS NASR BigBird (Rashid) 1:15:53 Pools - MOUS Problem-X (M. Bison) VS Frost (Cody) 1:42:33 Pools - Fudoh Haitani (Akuma) VS CT Ayjayir (Necalli) 1:49:37 Pools - BSC Hadoshrooms (Zangief) VS YOG Machabo (Necalli) 1:55:38 Pools - Red Bull Gachikun (Rashid) VS Boony (Ryu) 2:01:37 Pools - Atrosh (Birdie) VS FNATIC Shakz (Cammy) 2:10:25 Pools - Talon HotDog29 (M. Bison) VS CIV Mopuulapo (Balrog) 2:19:55 Pools - DNG Itabashi Zangief (Abigail) VS CAG GO1 (Menat) 2:38:09 Pools - Vitality Hurricane (Cammy) VS Gibbey (R. Mika) 2:45:53 Pools - MOUS Problem-X (M. Bison) VS FNATIC Shakz (Cammy) 2:52:42 Pools - Fudoh Haitani (Akuma) VS Talon HotDog29 (M. Bison) 3:02:31 Pools - YOG Machabo (Necalli) VS Vitality Hurricane (Cammy) 3:13:37 Pools - Red Bull gachikun (Rashid) VS DNG Itabashi Zangief (Abigail) 3:33:19 Pools - NVD Phenom (Karin) VS MAXIMUMSPICY (Urien) 3:42:47 Pools - NASR AngryBird (Zeku) VS Messiah Riff (Urien) 3:50:25 Pools - FAV sako (Menat) VS Kila-Whale (Zangief) 3:58:40 Pools - NVD Veggy (Birdie) VS DNG Naumen (Sakura) 4:06:03 Pools - CJ Truth (Cammy) VS Shaquille (Ken) 4:14:34 Pools - Ryan Hart (Urien) VS UYU Oil King (Rashid) 4:33:22 Pools - CYG BST Infexious (Zeku) VS RSN King Nashor (Laura) 4:41:56 Pools - GRPT MOV (Karin/Chun-Li) VS BC Kazunoko (Ibuki) 4:48:33 Pools - NVD Phenom (M. Bison) VS NVD Veggy (Birdie) 4:59:32 Pools - NASR AngryBird (Zeku) VS CJ Truth (Kolin) 5:08:28 Pools - UYU Oil King (Rashid) VS CYG BST Infexious (Zeku) 5:30:21 Pools - FAV sako (Menat) VS BC Kazunoko (Ibuki) 5:43:44 Pools - Chanko (Urien) VS RZR Xian (Ibuki) 5:51:02 Pools - Liquid John Takeuchi (Rashid) VS WMG Guerilla (Zeku) 5:57:42 Pools - Red Bull Luffy (R. Mika) VS GRPT Gllty (Dhalsim) 6:03:16 Pools - FAV Ryusei (Urien) VS BeasTV Kawano (Kolin) 6:14:47 Pools - CYG BST Daigo (Guile) VS ENVY NTSC_Abdess (Akuma) 6:34:37 Pools - UYU NL (Akuma) VS FNATIC Akainu (Guile) 6:40:56 Pools - UYU JeonDDing (Rashid) VS CAG Dogura (M. Bison) 6:49:28 Pools - IXA Jiewa (Akuma) VS Mizuha (Kolin) 6:55:49 Pools - Red Bull Luffy (R. Mika) VS Broski (Dhalsim) 7:05:57 Pools - Liquid John Takeuchi (Rashid) VS FAV Ryusei (Urien) 7:14:01 Pools - CYG BST Daigo (Guile) VS UYU NL (Akuma) 7:34:05 Pools - IXA Jiewa (Akuma) VS CAG Dogura (M. Bison) 7:40:51 W. Top 48 - REC Punk (Karin) VS FAV Ryusei (Urien) 7:51:49 W. Top 48 - Red Bull Luffy (R. Mika) VS NASR Big Bird (Rashid) 7:58:51 W. Top 48 - YOG Machabo (Necalli) VS NASR AngryBird (Zeku) 8:09:12 W. Top 48 - NVD Phenom (Necalli) VS DNG Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) 8:26:58 W. Top 48 - UYU NL (Akuma) VS Takamura (Akuma) 8:42:36 W. Top 48 - MOUS Problem-X (M. Bison) VS FAV sako (Menat) 8:49:22 W. Top 48 - CYG BST Infexious (Zeku) VS Fudoh Haitani (Akuma) 9:00:16 Winner's Quarters - REC Punk (Karin) VS Red Bull Luffy (R. Mika) 9:21:27 W. Top 48 - Red Bull Bonchan (Karin) VS CAG Dogura (M. Bison) 9:26:50 Winner's Quarters - NVD Phenom (Karin) VS NASR AngryBird (Zeku) 9:37:26 Winner's Quarters - Red Bull Bonchan (Karin) VS UYU NL (Akuma) 9:47:35 Winner's Quarters - FAV sako (Menat) VS CYG BST Infexious (Zeku) 9:54:52 Loser's Top 12 - NASR AngryBird (Zeku) VS CAG Dogura (M. Bison) 10:09:25 Loser's Top 12 - FAV sako (Menat) VS FAV Ryusei (Urien) 10:22:08

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