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The world’s first Angry Birds entertainment park is NOW OPEN in Qatar! Gather your flock for an unforgettable experience with our high-thrill rides and fun attractions, perfect for every age! ★ SUBSCRIBE to Angry Birds Channel and never miss a thing: ★ Collect and match with the Hatchlings in this crazy fun party puzzler! DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE: ▶︎ FOLLOW Angry Birds on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ▶︎ PLAY Angry Birds: ▶︎ READ the blog: Get ready for laughter, tears, a pinch of kung-fu, a spoonful of mischief, and a liberal sprinkling of bacon bits! It’s a new year on Piggy Island, and the Bird vs. Pig struggle rages on. Can our birdy protagonists continue to thwart the pigs’ constant attempts to nab their precious eggs? Will King Pig finally feast on the omelette of his dreams? And will those minion pigs finally catch a break? Join the adventures of Stella and her fierce flock in their very own series! Meet Stella and her five BFFs - Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca and Gale, who live in a never-before-seen corner of the Angry Birds universe, Golden Island. Together they explore, create, rock out and laugh… a lot! But just like in any friendship, strong personalities can sometimes clash. The important thing is that they always make up in the end… or do they? Angry Birds Fun Game Coding is a 12-part series that combines all-new Angry Birds animation with insightful instructions from tech-savvy Rovio employees, aimed at introducing audiences to fun and basic coding skills that make Angry Birds games so popular. A must for anyone who wants to know how these fun games are made! In Piggy Tales 4 we explore Pig City and learn about different aspects of urban Piggy life. On the streets anything can happen, everyday citizens lead their lives in a non-stop spree of creation and destruction. From cops and robbers to ghosts and goblins, Pig City is full of surprises and unpredictable stories. Do you dare to walk these streets? #AngryBirds #AngryBirdsToons #PiggyTales #AngryBirdsStella #AngryBirdsBlues #BirdsVsPig

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Today i am going to response on my request of turn words angry birds into cartoon.If you like my video then hit like and subscribe for more videos


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