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"Gotham's Most Wanted: Own the Roads (New Story Plus/Knightmare/Big Head Mode)"—As the main story progresses, checkpoints are erected all around Gotham's three islands. Batman must take out the militia defenders (combat scenarios) and destroy the commander's checkpoint controller in each one. There are 20 checkpoints total. (Some checkpoints contain drones which can only be incapacitated by upgrading the Disruptor.) Later in the story, after the main campaign is finished, Deathstroke takes control of the militia for this side mission, "Occupy Gotham," and "Campaign for Disarmament." This segment features the entire mission.

"Checkpoints are operational. We control the streets." — Militia

Checkpoints & Coordinates:

Bleake Island (x4):
- Checkpoint #1 [1759,2268]
- Checkpoint #2 [1956,2322]
- Checkpoint #3 [2055,2066]
- Checkpoint #4 [2150,2150]

Founders' Island (x8):
- Checkpoint #1 [2047,1634]
- Checkpoint #2 [2127,1802]
- Checkpoint #3 [2259,2012]
- Checkpoint #4 [2259,1852]
- Checkpoint #5 [2543,1777]
- Checkpoint #6 [2681,1881]
- Checkpoint #7 [2856,1882]
- Checkpoint #8 [2516,1458]

Miagani Island (x8):
- Checkpoint #1 [3132,2009]
- Checkpoint #2 [3166,2246]
- Checkpoint #3 [2959,2179]
- Checkpoint #4 [2884,2904]
- Checkpoint #5 [3519,2412]
- Checkpoint #6 [2875,2901]
- Checkpoint #7 [3175,2571]
- Checkpoint #8 [3488,2412]

Case Synopsis:
- Locate and destroy the militia checkpoints to clear the streets of patrolling militia soldiers and support vehicles

Case Progress:
- Most Wanted case file closed

22 WayneTech Upgrade Points are earned for completing the mission. The "Flashpoint" Batman skin and the "1966" Batmobile skin are utilized during this mission.

"Blighttown (Part 1): Route Via Depths [Journey 2: NG+1]"—With the Key to Blighttown obtained from the Gaping Dragon, it's time to leave the depths and head down there. This next leg in the journey is treacherous and very difficult to navigate due to status effects, rough terrain, and poison-inflicting enemies and environment. A steady pace and poison-reducing equipment is essential. Items found in the following order: - Dung Pie (Infested Barbarian drop) - Purple Moss Clump (Blowdart Sniper drop) - Soul of a Proud Knight - Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier - Blooming Purple Moss Clump (x3) (at end of narrow walkway) - Soul of a Nameless Soldier (x1, x1) (Infested Ghoul drops) - Broken Straight Sword (Infested Ghoul drop) - Iaito (jump off ledge to platform below) "Katana forged in an Eastern land. The Katana is drawn from the scabbard at lightning speed, using an Iaijutsu technique. Iaijutsu allows the wielder to charge forward to swiftly cut down distant foes." - Shadow Set (Mask, Garb, Gauntlets, and Leggings) "Black cloth garb worn by spooks from an Eastern land. Designed so as not to hinder their unique form of martial arts. While it sacrifices defense for the sake of greater mobility, it does offer resistance to bleeding and poison among other things, perhaps due to the nature of espionage." - Soul of a Proud Knight (x1, x1, x1) - Purple Moss Clump (x1, x1) (Blowdart Sniper drops) - Eagle Shield (at end of descending ramp) "Greatshield with an eagle design. Lightest and easiest greatshield to handle. Greatshields are very stable, and deflect attacks. But one cannot parry, and instead bashes with the shield." - Power Within (pyromancy) (guarded by large Parasitic Wall Hugger) "Pyromancy of Carmina, who harnessed the power of flame to actualize the inner-self. Strength/endurance boost, but lose HP. Excessive power eats away the life-force of its caster, and like all dangerous spells, Power Within was kept secret for eons." - Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier - Whip (drop down to ledge below) "Leather Whip. Not intended for battle. Virtually ineffective against armor and tough scale, but quite formidable against enemies with exposed skin." - Purple Moss Clump (Blowdart Sniper drop) - Wanderer Set (Hood, Coat, Manchettes, and Boots) "Hood of an aimless traveler. Made from sturdy leather, it offers protection versus wind and rain. Garb of an aimless traveler. Made from sturdy leather and quilting. Battle comes with the territory when one wanders the land, and this coat provides a certain degree of protection." - Falchion "Small curved sword. Each hit inflicts little damage, but fluid chain attacks are deadly. The falchion's sharp slashing attacks are effective against cloth and flesh, but not against metal armor or tough scales." - Large Soul of a Proud Knight Bonfires: - Blighttown Catwalk - Blighttown Swamp

"Sen's Fortress (Part 2 of 3): Upper Half [Journey 2: NG+1]"—Resuming the journey inside Sen's Fortress (at the boulder-rolling mechanism), the rest of the area's dangers are explored, its treasures scoured, and at the fortress peak, another NPC is discovered—Crestfallen Merchant—who sells helpful quest items. Items found/received in the following order: - Man-serpent Greatsword (Man-serpent drop) - Large Titanite Shard (x2) - Flame Stoneplate Ring (boosts fire DEF) (in chest) "Stoneplates, the symbol of a true knight, grant the strength to face various hardships. The red stoneplate symbolizes fire, and boosts defense against flame." - Large Soul of a Brave Warrior - Large Titanite Shard (x2) - Large Titanite Shard (Heavy Knight drop) - Ricard's Rapier (Undead Prince Ricard drop) "A rapier with intricate decorations. Chosen weapon of the infamous Undead Prince Ricard. Ricard's exploits are told in a monomyth. He was born into royalty, but wandered the lands in a fateful ill-conceived journey. He became Undead, and disappeared up North." - Divine Blessing (in chest) - Rare Ring of Sacrifice (in chest) - Sniper Crossbow, Sniper Bolt (x12) "Large crossbow with long distance used by Carim snipers. Often used with sniper bolts. But while crossbows are normally easy to use, the Sniper Crossbow requires dexterity." - Titanite Shard (Balder Knight drop) Crestfallen Merchant (purchases): - Black Firebomb = $500 ea - Large Titanite Shard = $4,000 ea - Cage Key (used to open various hanging cages inside the fortress) (found at bottom of small tower where Crestfallen Merchant resides) "If a hapless adventurer becomes fatigued during an imprudent attempt to overcome the fortress, the serpent men will not kill him, but lock him up in a lonely cage. Eventually, unless they have forgotten, they drag the victim off to who-knows-where." Bonfire: - Sen's Fortress

"Quelaag's Domain (Part 2 of 2): Bell of Awakening & Chaos Servant Covenant [Journey 2: NG+1]"—With Quelaag defeated, there are a few things to do inside her domain before moving on. The first is to ring the second Bell of Awakening! (This was the guidance given to the player by NPC Crestfallen Warrior back in Firelink Shrine. The first Bell of Awakening was rung after the defeat of the Belfry Gargoyles back in the Undead Parish.) This act releases the gate in front of Sen's Fortress, opening up a new area for exploration (a bit later). Quelaag's Domain also connects to another unexplored area—Demon Ruins. Finally, there is an illusory wall that conceals access to the Chaos Servant Covenant. Visits with NPCs and items purchased in the following order: - Homeward Bone Illusory Wall leads to Chaos Servant Covenant [1:48] NPC Eingyi (purchase): - Servant Roster = $500 souls NPC Quelaag's Sister (Dialogue, only with Old Witch's Ring equipped, trade Sunlight Maggot with Snuggly the Crow to obtain) Bonfire: - Daughter of Chaos (behind illusory wall) - Demon Ruins

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