Kingdom Hearts 3 - Nomura Shares More Details On ReMIND DLC

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Nomura shared some cool interesting information regarding the upcoming ReMind DLC this winter. Let's go over them!

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This is a summary of the entire Kingdom Hearts series up to now. By...someone who has only played two of the games. HOOO boy. Subscribe why don'tcha! ➜ The goal for this video wasn't 100% accuracy but to condense the story down as much as possible. Feel free to let me know what's wrong (there's quite a lot) but I'm...probably already aware (and decided to change it anyway). Thanks for watching! The Kingdom Hearts stream that started this whole mess ➜ Making of this video! ➜ Kingdom Hearts Expert: Gamblord ➜ Additional Art, Coloring, and Backgrounds: MissDeerFace ➜ Writing Assistance: Bathinjan ➜ Goofus and Dallant Comic by Dan Jones ➜ Special Thanks to Todd Schlickbernd ➜ Most music by me ➜ Backing track for DiZ's Song provided by desca / The keyblades for the Keyblade Graveyard were all made by our Discord community! Keyblades by: aaacr, ajb3art, Ajustice90, @AlexLikesToons, AnimuStewshine, aoxenuk, Astr01d, Backstory, bird, Birdscarf, Boo!, BouncyCreeper, Brassassin, Caped64, Carter Hurn, Cave in the sky, Cejai, Charlie Stark, Cherrysnakecat, ChewyFishy, ChickenWhales, ChocoboChomp, Chris L., @ciceroranasa, CitiStreets, clopes989, Cman505, CogSentient, CrystalPlays101, CWeed, D3spairity (hi cuz!), Damian O, Damonj17, Dan Black and Toominator, Danish850, Dan Jones, DaRichMan, darkcoolyo, Darkonius64, Daxter, Demiogre, Dqualin, eggytempera, Emcee_Coin, estakinator, Eve, explodingcrayon, ExusiaSword, Finsock, FishHusks, FrostedTudd, Gabriel The Starman, Goblinsinsocks, gpain55fox, HayDay411, HMK, HobbyFanatic, Hotshot, Hoyperium, HuzkyWolf, Ian, Indigo Wolfe, IronClark, Jakedoodle, Jawneh, JoCat, Jon García, Just Fawful, Karkic, Kenji, Kopenich, KoricTheSage, Koyle, Kurosuzaku, Kyskke, Lex Sibbskee, @LHspartan, LittleLeitz, Lollovovisossa, M. JIB, Malia Ebel, mallowkey, Markrrom, Matoloko, McCrembus, MechanalystTom, MEOW_IMACAT, Migale38, MissDeerFace, MisterPhoenix, MK.23 Sigma (Josh), Moortin, MrMcKonz, Mystry, Nat the Wizard, Neil Chinchester, Nexas, noriakiofficial, OblivionFall, PapaSlobby64, Pastellian, Patrick De Brún, @Paul_Apollo_06, PhoenixCrossbow, Pinyap, Ploob, Pokeshadow, Poo on my Shoe, Poptattart, Pupcakes and Cupcats, RainbowHeavy, Reed McDonald, Reggid, Rosebud, @runningin1bc, ryuurashuu, scycee, serialbuzzkiller, Shennanigma, @Sherktoons, ShinShin459, shiraffetopus, SirPineapple64, Slashscreen, slidinghead, Sorafan2502, @sorbetdraws, SpicyRaider, Spiffier, Spirit, Spryx, Steve, Swizzlestix, swordmaiden, TacticalMilk, Teal, The Scarflord, The Venkavian, TheAlmightyCrunchy, TheBlackDemon1996, TheFluffyJuju, TheGoldminor, @TheOneTrueBlue1, TheRikJonn, theshaofamily, TideKeeper, Tinsin, Tobi, Twerknado, U.Flame, Ugo, Undersnyfler, Urichov, Vickri, VoidPills46, WildKat, Will_Animations, ZukeG Russian Subtitles by serg3591 Join our Discord! ➜ I stream a lot on Twitch so check that out too ➜ #KingdomHeartsSummary #KingdomHearts #KH

Characters and Voice Actors - "Kingdom Hearts III" Kingdom Hearts heroes (00:06) Characters from Hercules (3:42) Characters from Toy Story (04:27) Characters from Tangled (05:06) Characters from Frozen (05:31) Characters from 100 Acre Wood (06:25) Characters from Monsters, Inc. (07:04) Characters from Big Hero 6 (07:35) Characters from Pirates of the Caribbean (08:14) Maleficent and Pete (09:13) Organization XIII (09:39) Voice Cast Sora - Haley Joel Osment Riku - David Gallagher Kairi - Alyson Stoner Terra - Jason Dohring Aqua - Willa Holland Ventus - Jesse McCartney Roxas - Jesse McCartney Xion - Alyson Stoner Axel (Lea) - Quinton Flynn Naminé - Meaghan Martin Hayner - Zachary Gordon Pence - Tristan Chase Olette - Ashley Boettcher Ienzo - Vincent Corazza Young Xehanort - Ben Diskin Young Eraqus - Drake Bell Scott Adsit - Baymax Carlos Alazraqui - Mike Wazowski Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck Kristen Bell - Anna Eva Bella - Young Elsa (Archive Footage) Jeff Bennett - Merlin Soso Bianchi - Girl Susanne Blakeslee - Maleficent Paul Briggs - Marshmallow Corey Burton - Dale, Yen Sid, Zeus Jared Butler - Jack Sparrow Jamie Chung - Go Go Tomago Jim Cummings - Pete, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh Tate Donovan - Hercules Robin Atkin Downes - Davy Jones Susan Egan - Megara Bill Farmer - Goofy Crispin Freeman - Will Turner Josh Gad - Olaf Brian George - Captain Hector Barbossa Mary Gibbs - Boo (Archive Footage) Michael Gough - Gopher Jonathan Groff - Kristoff Jim Hanks - Woody Bret Iwan - Mickey Mouse David Kaye - Narrator Tom Kenny - Rabbit Kelsey Lansdowne - Rapunzel Zac Levi - Flynn Rider Tress MacNeille - Chip Mike MacRae - Buzz Lightyear J.P. Manoux - Randall Boggs Aidan McGraw - Roo Kevin R. McNally - Joshamee Gibbs Idina Menzel - Elsa Piotr Michael - Sarge Leslie Miller - Tia Dalma T.J. Miller - Fred Donna Murphy - Mother Gothel Travis Oates - Piglet Joe Ochman - Jiminy Cricket Bret Parker - Trailer Mom Khary Payton - Wasabi-No-Ginger Jeffrey Pidgeon - Aliens Ryan Potter - Hiro Hamada John Ratzenberger - Hamm Enn Reitel - Scrooge McDuck Genesis Rodriguez - Honey Lemon Eliza Jane Schneider - Elizabeth Swann Wallace Shawn - Rex Roger Craig Smith - CDA 00903, Corporal, Trailer Boy Amelia Stanger - Lumpy Delaney Rose Stein - Young Rapunzel (Archive Footage) Livvy Stubenrauch - Young Anna (Archive Footage) Christopher Swindle - James P. Sullivan Russi Taylor - Dewey, Huey, Louie Katie Von Till - Woman in Distress Mick Wingert - Cutler Beckett James Woods - Hades Ansem - Richard Epcar Xigbar - James Patrick Stuart Xemnas - Paul St. Peter Vexen - Derek Stephen Prince Luxord - Robin Atkin Downes Saïx - Kirk Thornton Demyx - Ryan O'Donohue Larxene - Shanelle Gray Marluxia - Keith Ferguson Vanitas - Haley Joel Osment Terra-Xehanort - Richard Epcar Riku Replica/Dark Riku - David Gallagher Chirithy - Lara Jill Miller Ephemer - Michael Johnston Nameless Star - Madison Davenport Ira - Matthew Mercer Aced - Travis Willingham Gula - Kevin Quinn Invi - Karissa Lee Staples Ansem the Wise - Corey Burton Master Eraqus - Mark Hamill Master Xehanort - Rutger Hauer _____________________________ Kingdom Hearts III - Voice Cast Kingdom Hearts III - Voice Actors "Kingdom Hearts III" Characters and Voice Actors "Kingdom Hearts III voice cast" Kingdom Hearts 3 - Voice Cast Kingdom Hearts 3 - Voice Actors "Kingdom Hearts 3" Characters and Voice Actors "Kingdom Hearts 3 voice cast" KH3 - Voice Cast KH3 - Voice Actors "KH3" Characters and Voice Actors "KH3 voice cast" KHIII - Voice Cast KHIII - Voice Actors "KHIII" Characters and Voice Actors "KHIII voice cast" teddykgaming TEDDYKGAMING CharactersandVoiceActors #KH3VoiceCast

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