Friday the 13th the game:Ps4 platform: Escaping the massacre of jason

author Mystic Dani   1 years ago

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Multistreaming with It's here! Adiris the Plague and Jane Romero are here on Demise of the Faithful DLC chapter 11 for Dead By Daylight's launch day! 2.6.0 is now available for download on all platform The new content from Demise of the Faithful is available immediately in the in-game store. DLC will be available later. Patch Notes: Emblem blogpost: More fun and friendship survive with friends live stream game play! :) Thanks to everyone for coming out and watching. This is another installment of me live streaming Dead by Daylight "Survive With Friends" simultaneously on Twitch and Youtube. People told me that not many people on Youtube realized that I was a Twitch streamer too and that I needed to promote my Twitch better. Well, I'm pretty bad at self promotion, so ultimately I decided that if the mountain wouldn't come to me, I needed to go to the mountain, and I brought my streams to all of you here on Youtube. :) Now, I've been told that the quality isn't always as good on Youtube as it is on Twitch, so if you're ever watching one of my live streams and are experiencing poor quality, I would recommend trying the Twitch stream instead at Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch, play, chat, lurk, subscribe and donated either bits on Twitch or super chatted! I appreciate all your support and much love to everyone. :) I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing you join us on a future live stream! :) If you enjoyed this video, please consider giving us a like and a subscribe. And ring that notification bell like a Wraith to get up the minute alerts when I post new videos! :) Follow me on Twitter at Follow me on Twitch at

Join the gang as they level up and jump into the Dark Zone.

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