Dragon Ball FighterZ [Xbox One] - Arcade Mode - First Attempt

author Flip0024   1 years ago

This is my attempt at doing the arcade of Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Xbox One.

I get wrecked hard on the third match.

I continue to play this game like Killer Instinct and it messes me up so much.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

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originally made by perfectidiot2 I just took both fights and put them together as one. Link to his channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC168YOUo8WHRedlWUKdlTLg

Venom, Blackwidow & Winter Soldiers Costume & Colors Swap!

Tutorial video on how to summon Shenron in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and an explanation of what each wish does. Then we go online and summon Shenron against a ranked opponent!


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