Resident Evil 6 - Mercenaries Duo -Rooftop Mission - Feat. Project Hama

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Gameplay aleatória com o Hama
Canal do Hama:

Stickman Jailbreak 1 & 6 By (Dmitry Starodymov) & Escape the Prison By (Ber Ber) Games ►Play Android: Escape the Prison: ►Download And Play More Games By Ber Ber : ►Play IOS : Stick jailbreak 1 Stick jailbreak 6 ►Download And Play More Games By Dmitry Starodymov : ►About Game: Cool graphics and audio will give you an unforgettable atmosphere in the game. You need to help Stikmanu escape from prison. Many escape options will be granted to you, but only a few of them will be feasible. You will sit in solitary confinement, and the door you will guard the guard. Relatives gave you a watermelon, so you can escape. Because nobody knows what is hidden in this tasty watermelon. Various tools are waiting for you to escape.

Player: Khomchik (Barry Burton) Partner: Unknown (Chris Heavy Metal) Stage: Prison Enemies Routed: 150 Max Combo: 150 Rank: SS Time: 13:17 Score: 1,124,059 Steam: Discord:

Let's face it, Resident Evil's story is super complicated with its mix of returning characters, hundreds of different viruses and more plot twists than The Walking Dead. But don't worry, we're here to put it all together. So Join The Leaderboard as we break down the complete Resident Evil timeline. Enter Our Ongoing Console Giveaway here: and check the community tab for updates. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos Don't miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! We have a dotcom! Tweet Us on TWITTER Heart Us on INSTAGRAM Touch Us on FACEBOOK Do NOT forget to visit our YouTube friends! Channel Frederator - Cartoon Hangover - Want to tell us something? Write an email. Want to work at Frederator? See our job openings and internships. Sign up for EMAIL UPDATES Credits for This Episode ----------------------------------- Researched by: Dan McQuade and Joshua Schwartz Written by: Dan McQuade Hosted by: Sydney Amanuel Edited by: Caleb Pryor Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack Your Home For Video Game Facts! The Leaderboard offers fascinating insights, development history, tips & tricks, as well as the latest in news and commentary about your favorite games past and present. We cover a mix of AAA titles and indie releases with compelling characters and deep stories. We upload about 7 times a week Chat with us on Discord (The Leaderboard Fam)

Resident Evil 5 Remastered PS4 The Mercenaries United | Mercenarios Unidos Solo Asamblea Pública | Public Assembly Chris Redfield (BSAA) 819,507 (819k) - 150 Combo (Full Combo) | Rango SS Después de mucho tiempo, vuelvo a jugar en este nivel con este personaje. Al ver que tenía menos de 800k, tenía la seguridad de que podía lograr más que eso. Con la experiencia que he ganado en este nivel pude prevenir algunas cosas y no cometer los mismos errores que en la primera partida que tuve con él, y matar a los jefes en el orden correcto. Lo que más me sorprendió es el Melee Kill que le di al primer jefe, no me lo esperaba para nada. Canciones usadas: Mega Man X5 Squid Adler Stage Theme Dragon Ball OST CD1 - Dragonball Densetsu TechnoClassic - Running in the 90s

Then again, this run beats my current 1455k on PS3! I'm very satisfied with this run, chainsaws played really well here, and the bomb placed at the right spot helped me kill them quicker. At the end, a flash grenade helped me to get a good ending! :)


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