Kino der toten Round 100 última parte ZOMBI INMORTAL!

author Joan Rovira   7 years ago

Ultimo video ya de la ronda 102 aparte de un montaje que hare espero que os guste like y fav que ayudan mucho ! :)

Ultimo video en el canal:

Como jugar con nosotross :

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Think we can get 45,931 ratings? I hope you enjoyed this video guys, each part will be uploaded daily around the same time for you to enjoy. And if you want to know when the video is going to be posted or even your just an Epic fan and have facebook or twitter, then to prove it! Become a Follower on Twitter: Become a Fan on Facebook: And of course, feel free to subscribe to see more zombie videos. (Its Free!) Weapons i need to Pack-A-Punch: ~ Assault Rifles ~ (8) FN FAL ✔ M14 ✔ fammas ✔ Galil ✔ Aug ✔ Commando ✔ G11 ✔ M16 ✔ ~ Sub Machine Guns ~ (6) Spectre ✔ PM63 ✔ MP5K ✔ MP40 ✔ MPL ✔ AK74u ✔ ~ Light Machine Guns ~ (2) HK21 ✔ RPK ✔ ~ Shotguns ~ (4) Spas 12 ✔ Hs10 ✔ Olympia ✔ Stakeout ✔ ~Sniper Rifles ~ (2) Dragunov ✔ L96A1 ✔ ~ Pistols ~ (4) Python ✔ Cz75 ✔ Cz75 Dual Wield ✔ M191 ✔ ~ Specialties ~ (4) Thunder gun ✔ Raygun ✔ Crossbow ✔ Balistic Knife ✔ ~ Launchers ~ (2) M20LAW ✔ China Lake ✔


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