Batman, Gotham most wanted(Mr. Freeze)

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The Penguin has Nightwing in one of his weapons cache's and Batman is going to rescue him and bring The Penguin and bring him to custody

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Victor Fries becomes Mr. Freeze in Gotham Season 2 episode 13, A Dead Man Feels No Cold (2x13). After accidentally killing his wife (Nora Fries), Victor decides to take his own life. But prolonged exposure to his formulas have altered his DNA in a way that he can sustain the dangerously freezing liquid he exposes himself too. Now legally declared dead, and taken by Hugo Strange, he is kept alive in a freezing room. Victor Fries can now only survive in freezing temperature, and as Hugo Strange works on a suit that can maintain the required temperature, Victor Fries waits, but as a new man; Mr. Freeze.


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