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This channel is all about gaming. The main game is Call Of Duty

I reached 25 subs (3/1/19)


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Salzburg vs Real Madrid Live Stream EN VIVO Live Stats + Countdown HD Salzburg vs Real Madrid Live Stream Salzburg vs Real Madrid Live Salzburg vs Real Madrid Salzburg vs Real Madrid Salzburg vs Real Madrid Live Salzburg vs Real Madrid Salzburg vs Real Madrid LIVE STREAM Live Stats + Countdown HD Follow this twitter for more UCL Matches- Follow this Instagram for more UCL Matches - If you want to become a moderator contact me on twitter or Hello everyone, Thanks for watching SCOTSFC STREAMS. On this stream you can see a soccer game or another sport event. Before the game will begin, you will be able to see an old soccer game, this game is vs PSG played in the Champions League. We will repeat this game the whole time, during this there will be a countdown on the screen, the countdown will count down, when the countdown = 0, we will change the live stream to live stats. ?If you want this video to be removed please do not hesitate to e-mail me, I will remove it immediately! This game will repeat the whole time during the countdown. The full game will repeat until the countdown is on 0. Due to the countdown you can see how long it will take before the game begins. During this pre-game you will be able to chat with the other live viewers, so you can discuss who is the best team and who will win etc. Due of different time zones in the world it is possible that our countdown is not right, that is an other start hour, this is a human fault, we appologize for that, if it happens, contact us. When the countdown is 0, I will change the screen to a website that will give you live statistics. ( Which you can see in the title ) When the countdown ends on the wrong time, it's a human mistake and we change the countdown again. The whole live game, you will see the stats from: So you will be able to see which team has ball possession, the score and where the ball is etc. Everything is clear, I do no spam / scam / copyright. Everything you have to know as viewer can you find in the title / description. Please don’t spam / flag. If you have any questions or problems about our live stream, please let us know on Thanks for watching TAG: Salzburg vs Real Madrid,Salzburg vs Real Madrid Live, Salzburg vs Real Madrid 2019, Salzburg vs Real Madrid live stream,Salzburg vs Real Madrid en vivo, Salzburg vs Real Madrid,Salzburg vs Real Madrid live stream,



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