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I still have too far to go to play so well.
Короче я нуб)))

NfS: Most Wanted 2005 - Победа над Рейзором в начале игры Если Вам понравилось видео, не забывайте про ЛАЙКИ! Это очень сильно поможет моему Каналу! Группа VK: Скачать файл для победы над Рэйзером Вы можете в разделе "Документы" - новый уникальный трейнер для NfS Most Wanted 2005.

Porsche Carrera GT vs BMW M3 GTR. Car used vs #1, Carerra GT. Car used in FInal Pursuit, BMW M3 GTR. Enjoy folks, and have a happy new years! I have always wanted to see how the Sherp would do in a full on insane bounty hole competition and I got my chance at the Trucks Gone Wild event at Al Benesocky's Filthy Red Neck Country Club!! Huge shout out to all the awesome competitors that came from far and wide to put on a first class show for the crowd!! And huge shout out to Al and his team for a first class event!! Already can't wait for next year! Ps. I was driving a demo as mine is getting a few upgrades! lol

I made a Need for Speed Most Wanted video dedicated to a crazy and more devoted racer: KuruHS. As you may or may not know, I'm going on a hiatus or possibly retiring racing games by the end of 2017. It seems suitable to pass the torch to KuruHS. I'm quietly working on a major and bigger project relevant to your interests in the future. Thank you for the ongoing support over the years! Subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos: Subscribe to KuruHS: Follow Reiji online: Q: How did you get that purple vinyl? A: "Replace this file in the GameFolder/Cars/GTI Folder:!0xJgnbIb!YmMMPbhsZ-91h52lNolgl74_uB-DzHKCBlsSs43F9jE Go to the Tuning Shop: Visual - Vinyls then go to Contest Winner 1, it has the Twitch Livery!" Q: No music? What gives! A: It's not worth taking the risk of having the entire video muted over a licensed song that only played for 2 seconds. Feel free to play your own music on your phone, computer, or internet browser while watching this! Q: Where's your Evo? A: Did not use it this time around. I'm borrowing Kuru's ride on this run. Not appropriate to use my car if it's a video focusing on someone else. The link below is how I truly beat Most Wanted: If you're lost or have the need to replay a moment, check out the video description for bookmarks. Introduction [0:00] Intro [2:06] Mia Townsend [4:53] Ronnie McCrea [6:56] Mia Townsend [9:22] Toru Sato [11:01] Rog [13:52] Razor Blacklist #15 [21:30] Ho "SONNY" Seun [21:41] #15 Races [32:18] #15 Bounties [32:54] #15 Showdown Blacklist #14 [39:11] Vince "TAZ" Kilic [39:54] #14 Races [57:51] #14 Bounties [1:00:43] #14 Showdown Blacklist #13 [1:06:17] Victor "VIC" Vasquez [1:07:30] #13 Races [1:19:59] #13 Bounties [1:28:12] #13 Showdown Blacklist #12 - Izzy [1:34:06] Isabel "IZZY" Diaz [1:35:29] #12 Races [1:44:41] #12 Bounties [2:02:14] #12 Showdown Blacklist #11 [2:09:19] Lou "BIG LOU" Park [2:11:02] #11 Races [2:19:26] #11 Bounties [2:35:45] #11 Showdown Blacklist #10 [2:45:34] Karl "BARON" Smit [2:46:28] #10 Races [3:13:38] #10 Bounties [3:27:06] #10 Showdown Blacklist #9 [3:31:16] Eugene "EARL" James [3:32:49] #9 Races [3:59:43] #9 Bounties [4:11:07] #9 Showdown Blacklist #8 [4:17:36] Jade "JEWELS" Barrett [4:20:40] #8 Races [4:38:25] #8 Bounties [5:14:06] #8 Showdown Blacklist #7 [5:18:45] Kira "KAZE" Nakazoto [5:19:52] #7 Races [5:42:14] #7 Bounties [5:58:15] #7 Showdown Blacklist #6 [6:05:02] Hector "MING" Domingo [6:07:14] #6 Races [6:27:21] #6 Bounties [6:45:43] #6 Showdown Blacklist #5 [6:52:04] Wes "WEBSTER" Allen [6:52:45] #5 Races [7:18:15] #5 Bounties [7:35:25] #5 Showdown Blacklist #4 [7:46:17] Joe "JV" Vega [7:48:36] #4 Races [8:25:09] #4 Bounties [8:41:18] #4 Showdown Blacklist #3 [8:46:57] Ronald "RONNIE" McCrea [8:47:33] #3 Races [9:26:22] #3 Bounties [9:44:30] #3 Showdown Blacklist #2 [9:55:19] Toru "BULL" Sato [9:57:19] #2 Races [10:36:03] #2 Bounties [10:51:37] #2 Showdown Blacklist #1 [11:03:29] Clarence "RAZOR" Callahan [11:32:25] #1 Races [11:34:39] #1 Showdown [11:59:14] Outro * My original intentions was to have this video be an uncut 100% completion run. It was 15 hours long. It's possible to go faster but that requires me to exploit some glitches but I'm not about that life! Had to cut the Tollbooth Races that doesn't have police pursuits due to time constraints on YouTube. I'm only allowed to post 12 hours of footages MAX as of July 2017.

Ayo Bantu Sampai 100.000 Subscriber Kawan :) Channel Khusus Cover Lagu & Karaoke : MABAR YOK !! Steam ID : Hnfzki Social Club : SyaninSs ( Friend List Sudah Penuh, Bisa Gabung Crew biar bisa Mabar & Heist ) Crew : Instagram : Hnfzki Need For Speed : Most Wanted merupakan rilisan dari Electronic Arts setelah merilis Need For Speed sebelumnya, Underground 2. Permainan ini kembali mengingatkan kita pada Need For Speed rilisan game playstation 1, yaitu Need For Speed III : Hot Pursuit dan Need For Speed : High Stakes karena dalam game ini kembali menghadirkan kejar-kejaran dengan polisi dengan beberapa tingkat kesulitan. Dalam game ini diceritakan bahwa pada awal player console bermain, disuguhkan video mengenai kedatangan si pemain dengan menggunakan BMW M3 GTR E46 ke Rockport City, saat itu berpapasan dengan salah satu pembalap perempuan (Mia) yang berniat mengajak si pemain balapan, namun tidak terduga salah satu satuan polisi datang, yaitu Cross dan asistennya. Cross memberi peringatan dan menyuruh si pemain keluar dari mobil karena telah berkendara diatas kecepatan normal, namun keberuntungan ada di tangan si pemain. Cross dan asisten mendapat kabar dari radio polisi bahwa ada pengejaran. Hanya satu hal yang Cross peringatkan kepada si pemain, yaitu "Next time, you won't be so lucky" (Dilain waktu, kau takkan beruntung). Kemudian cross mengeluarkan kunci mobil dari sakunya dan menggores kuncinya ke pintu mobil si pemain sambil mengatakan "Nice pinstripe" (goresan yang bagus). Lalu di lain waktu, si pemain diajak oleh pembalap bernama Ronnie (Supra) untuk duel balap. Saat kekalahan Ronnie itu, si pemain bertemu dengan Razor yang saat itu berada di 15th blacklist. Kemudian pandangan Razor yang tidak suka akan kehadiran si pemain, kemudian menyuruh pemain untuk balapan dengan salah satu teman Razor, Bull (SLR McLaren), namun pemain pun menang dan Razor berbuat curang terhadap mobil si pemain sehingga pemain kalah dan taruhan pinkslip BMW M3 berada di tangan Razor. Dan kita sebagai pemain, harus berusaha mengambil kembali mobil kita dan menjadi posisi teratas blacklist. #alurceritagame #seluruhalurceritagame


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