Hearthstone Grind To Legend | Ep. 1 | Rough Start

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4:45 - What cards did we start with? 13:17 - Choosing your first classes. 14:07 - Disenchanting spree!! 23:50 - 5 Cards EVERY beginner should have. 29:40 - First Druid Deck 34:20 - First Hunter Deck 38:10 - First Warrior Deck 42:47 - Adventures & Other Class Priorities Did you recently start a new Hearthstone account? Awesome! This video is specifically geared towards showing new players how to make some new decks based on the cards gained from free packs, along with top crafting priorities for every class. Looking for more help? Leave a comment below! Deck lists can be found on Hearthpwn.com under the user name CGDPodcast. Check out The Cygnus Guide to Deckbuilding weekly podcast!

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