DRIVER: San Francisco - Meet the heat

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Featuring some funny/odd screenshots from the game. (Mainly glitches) This music appears very quickly during the moment when Jericho, in his prison van, is chasing Tanner down a narrow alleyway right at the beginning of the game just before the coma- inducing crash.

Driver You are the Wheelman playthrough, D-Games stands for DinizGames, my username, Im playing on the emulator ePSXe, expect some slowdowns at times, mostly thanks to my PC, not the emulator... Enjoy episode 1 of the playtrough Miami, Driver San Francisco is coming out this year; ______ Released in 1999 Driver was a hit on the original Playstation, also one of the first open world games, I played Driver back in 1999/2000 on the ps1, one of the most memorable games on the system, after its success, the series got 2 more sequels and 2 spin-offs Enjoy! Note: Its been some months since i last played Driver, so don't expect the best and more skilled driving out there... Note 2: The music you hear at the D-Games intro is the Driver San Francisco theme song,

Links: But unless i'm less than 110% convinced, i'm checkin' you in!

Remember the mission from Driver 1? Which then returned in Driver San Francisco? I test myself in the 1970 Dodge Challenger. Enjoy! The list: Burnout, Speed, Brake, Reverse 180, Lap, Handbrake Turn, Slalom & 360 Turn Mod:

You the man!! we gonna need you!!


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