Godzilla 2004 vs Godzilla 2000 ||Toy Battle||

author Godzilla Fan 2017   1 years ago

This was meant for next Tuesday but since I’m taking a break (for about 2 months) I decided you guys deserve something to watch when I’m gone. Enjoy!

I don’t own any sounds in this video. It all belongs to Toho.

music used: battle theme - godzilla trading battle

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Here's a test I did of Godzilla. I tried doing the atomic breath with Photoshop but that crap takes forever. Best thing to do is get After Effects. Here we've got Godzilla 2000 roaming around all proud n' whatnot, when the new, 2014 Godzilla appears. Intimidated, G 2000 starts a friendly competition with a little atomic breath show of strength. Little does he know, G 2014's atomic breath is a bit more so (not like the actual film but you get the idea). Thanks to SuperFredrikNilsson and AlexTriceratops123 for their awesome sound effects.

It wouldn't be a proper return to the toy videos without Godzilla returning! Melba appears to take on the king of the monsters. The great feedback you guys have been giving me has really been driving me to make more of these. It looks like a familiar foe is returning soon...

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