Small lightning strike

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Strange lightning footage compilation with all sorts of bizarre lightning manifestations including bead lightning, ribbon lightning, streamers, anvil crawlers and more. For licensing contact Lightning strikes from storm clouds down to the ground. It also strikes up into storms and also out into thin air. Sometimes isolated sparks shoot up out of the ground. Lightning Channels sometimes sail in strong wind and take bizarre, unlikely paths through the sky. This video is about the weird behavior of strange lightning. UPWARD-MOVING LIGHTNING Most of us have seen epic lightning bolts branching from the cloud down to the ground, But have you ever seen lightning bolts branching up? Upward-moving lightning or ground-to-cloud lightning often has a strange smooth and fluid channel. This type of lightning was extremely rare prior to the industrial revolution and is said to have only occurred from mountain peaks. Tall, man-made structures help trigger this discharge and increasing skyscrapers and radio antennas are making this brilliant phenomenon more common. INTRACLOUD LIGHTNING Most lightning discharges occur only in the clouds never striking the earth. This is called intracloud lightning. But sometimes it leaps out into the naked air, and so this phenomenon is called cloud-to-air lightning During a lightning storm It's a good idea not to be the tallest thing standing around. But that doesn't mean you're safe if you're the shortest. Lightning seems to have a physics defying mind of it's own and often takes unlikely, erratic paths before striking a random target. UPWARD STREAMERS Milliseconds before a typical lightning strike, a stepped leader advances from the cloud to the ground. Before reaching the ground a charged ionic channel called an upward streamer reaches up to meet the leader. When they connect a massive electrostatic discharge flashes. During some strikes, multiple upward streamers spark up and only one makes a connection. In rare photographs you can see these lonely upward streamers failing to make a connection. BEAD LIGHTNING After a strike, the main lightning channel begins to cool and sometimes decays into glowing fragments slow enough for the human eye to detect. This string of dots is called bead lightning or chain lightning. RIBBON LIGHTNING: Sometimes lightning photographs have parallel successive flashes or strokes off-set from each other. This is called Ribbon Lightning and occurs when strong winds actually blow the flashing channel through the camera frame. Here's some video of lightning actually sailing in strong wind. LIGHTNING STROKES or FLICKERS We've all seen lightning flicker, but we generally don't see all the flashes or strokes because they happen too fast for the eye to see. Some lightning strikes are said to flash up to 30 times. When you slow video down you can detect more of the flashes, but this video was shot at 30 frames per second and lightning can hide several stokes inside one of those frames. 480 frames per second will give a more accurate stoke count, but again it is possible to have several strokes inside one of those frames. The best way to get an accurate stroke count is with one still frame. Open your shutter on a dark night and pan your camera back and forth. If lightning strikes during a pan, you'll have recorded and separated the strokes. Notice the primary flash is the only one with branches. BALL LIGHTNING Perhaps the strangest manifestation of lightning is Ball Lightning which is said to be a floating luminous ball that can pass through walls. Despite the trillions of selfies shot every second around the globe, There is no solid photographic proof of ball lightning. In fact it's entire existence is based solely off of reported public sightings. I scoured the internet and was only able to find one plausible photograph of ball lightning. Music: "They'll Never Come Between Our Love" by Southern Backtones "Won't Pray Adagio" by Southern Backtones

Welcome to the 2020 Hays Bald Eagle Nesting Season! There are currently two eggs in the nest. Egg 1 on 2/13/2020 @ 6:30 PM Egg 2 on 2/16/2020 @ 6:30 PM It is possible we could see a 3rd egg laid on or around 2/18. Be sure to keep watching! As part of our community involvement program, CSE Corporation in Murrysville, PA is excited and proud to share Pittsburgh's Hays Bald Eagle Cam in collaboration with the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. For more information on the project and past nesting information please visit: CHAT COMMUNITY RULES: Welcome to the Hays Bald Eagle chat community! We are a family friendly chat and welcome people of all cultures. As a member of our chat community you agree to abide by the following: 1. Keep conversation and all remarks family friendly, kind and respectful. 2. FOCUS: Our viewers expect to see discussion about Hays nest and eagle behavior, biology and habitat. Enjoy the company of fellow chatters, but please stay on topic. We invite you to share observations and exchange facts you have learned about eagles. While no subject matter related to eagles is off limits, some topics can be sensitive and we ask that you wait for moderator presence before introducing them. Please limit mention of events you observe on other nestcams to contributing a specific question or to current discussion about eagle behavior. 3. No mention or reference to adult activities or adult language, however disguised 4. No bullying, threats, antagonizing, insults, rants, or remarks of a discriminatory or offensive nature 5. Inappropriate chat names are not permitted 6. No sales, advertisements, promotions, subscriber requests, or redirects to other channels, webcams or FB pages. 7. Respect privacy and anonymity. For your safety and the safety of others, no fishing for personal information and no exchange of contact information. Limit self-disclosures. 8. Please avoid discussion of highly personal situations, health or medications 9. Please steer clear of politics, religion, sports 10. Please do not use emoji; they are distracting and clutter chat 11. Remember to turn off the CAPS LOCK key to avoid the appearance of ‘shouting’ 12. When classrooms are present, please give their questions priority. 13. Be responsive to moderator direction. If your post is moderated, please don’t take it personally. Request clarification if you need it; however, moderation is not up for debate or critique. 14. Please allow moderators to address any chat issues. Do not engage, discuss or comment on trolls. We appreciate chatters who carry on productive conversation when issues do arise. 15. HOW WE ASK OUR MODERATORS TO HANDLE INFRACTIONS: Moderators will REMOVE your post if it violates our chat community rules. You will receive a TIME OUT for repeat infractions for which you have been previously redirected, for arguing with moderator direction, or for any infraction/exchange viewed by the moderator as problematic enough to warrant it. BLOCK/BAN: Trolls/spammers/solicitors are subject to immediate removal. Any violation of family friendly expectations that we feel is so offensive or serious that any lesser consequence would not be a reasonable alternative, will result in immediate removal. When chronic infractions of a lesser nature constitute willful disregard for the rules or significantly disrupt our educational purpose, removal may be considered as a last resort. #hays #bald #eagles #pittsburgh #cam #eagle

A collection of close lightning strikes and loud thunder captured in 1080i HD! **** The audio in these clips is real and unedited, straight from the camera with no enhancement! **** See more at and follow on Twitter at Copyright Dan Robinson.

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Some free stock footage for you guys to have a play around with, enjoy.

For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)

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Nobody knows for sure how the universe, its galaxies and their many millions of solar systems formed. We do have ways of looking back in time (in fact, every time we look at the Sun, we are looking eight minutes back in time!). This is because it takes light eight minutes to travel from the Sun to Earth. More distant stars may be hundreds of light years away, so when we look at them, we are seeing them as they were hundreds of years ago. However, we are not yet able to look back in time far enough to see how the universe actually began. But, we are able to watch the formation of other stars and know that, millions of years ago, the Sun began its life in a similar way.

Lightning strike at our cabin that was way to close!

View full lesson: Tornadoes are the most violent storms on Earth, with wind velocities that can exceed 200 miles per hour. How do these terrifying cyclones form? Meteorologist James Spann sheds light on the lifespan of tornadoes as they go from supercell thunderstorms to terrible twisters before eventually dissolving back into thin air. Lesson by James Spann, animation by Província Studio.

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