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Seriously I explain KH itself and then death...I'm too good to y'all. My Head is SMOKING. What do you guys want me to explain next? I have a theory coming after this but I am working on a mix between KH Explained and other KH Content.

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#KingdomHeartsExplained #NoirSquad #KHExplained #KingdomHearts So freaking glad I got this out. When you process a video and the music is too loud initially and try again and for some reason the file gets corrupted, theres a certain level of anger grinds my gears. I know I said 48 Hours on Wednesday but you guys know me by now. Apologies for that! Don't Forget to subscribe: Logo design and intro by: Add me on PSN: Gdude1525 Twitch: Noir_Lilbomber Twitter: @Noir_Lilbomber

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In this video, I will be discussing why I really think Ava wasn't present during kingdom hearts 3's epilogue. Hope you guys like it! Let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments! KH3 Ultimania Interview Here:

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