Need For Speed Payback live

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WELCOME TO GAME SPOTLIGHT TV LIVE STREAMS EVERYDAY 7 DAYS A WEEK Welcome To // Game Spotlight T.V. // The Place to watch reviews and broadcasts of the latest video games on all platforms. If its related to gaming you will get information on it here. I am a gaming freak and would happily (if time allowed it) play video games 24-7. This channel is dedicated to video games as well as HOW-TO videos to help all in need. All support is very much appreciated and I would be very thankful if you subscribed to this channel. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL HERE SUBSCRIBE TO MY 2ND CHANNEL HERE DONATION LINK FACEBOOK PAGE FOR VIDEO GAME REQUESTS, SUGGESTIONS OR TO CONTACT THE SHOW EMAIL US AT GAMESPOTLIGHTTV@GMAIL.COM

PS4: oakinbirch1020 PS4 is streamed every Saturday at 9pm eastern time. FOR CAR MEET: (Request to join Community AND SEPARATE Crew) 1. Send a request to join my PLAYSTATION COMMUNITY through my profile by pressing "add as a member." The community is called "The Digital Car Addict Family." 2. Through send a request to my GTA CREW “Car Addict Family.” -Please let me know when you’re finished with both 3. *IMPORTANT:* Make sure your message settings are on everyone and not friends only, then send me a message saying that you sent a request to the community and crew when you’re done. (Please keep in mind that I do not except requests until after I am done streaming and I confirmed the messages with you). 4.Once you are in the community AND crew, then you can join the car meet session at the indicated time indicated in the Community. Car Meet Rules: 1. If you have cops on you at any time, call Lester to have them removed or leave the car meet area until they are off you. 2. DO NOT honk your horn. 3. Do not crash into anyone or try to constantly crowd the car meet host. 4. DO NOT perform unnecessary burnouts, donuts, shoot flares, fireworks, or weapons. 5. If someone kills another player more than once, they will be kicked from the crew. 6. RC Bandito is not allowed for any meet and will get you permanently banned from the crew. 7. You will be kicked and blocked by the car meet host if you purposely grief other players in the car meet session or break any of the rules.

People Pranking Each Other Work , Must Watch Till The End . More To Come Once I Have More Fresh Content .


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