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► "Gradius III: Del Mito a la Leyenda" es un matamarcianos lanzado para los arcade, desarrollado y publicado por Konami en 1989. Es el tercer juego de la saga Gradius, secuela directa de Gradius II. Gradius III se lanzó para la Super Nintendo en 1990, con una dificultad muy reducida y armamentos adicionales.

► Los Mundos Superados En Esta Parte Fueron:
* 1° Tormenta de arena
* 2° Aqua illution (Mundo Acuatico)
* 3° En el Viento
* 4° Subterráneo

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グラディウスIII -伝説から神話へ- / Gradius III (Japan) Konami 1989 1,205,120pts Player bandit 収録Ver MAME32 0.66 3-1 mame replay site グラディウスIII -伝説から神話へ- 発売年:1989.12 開発元:コナミ工業 発売元:コナミ ジャンル:シューティング コントローラ:8方向レバー+3ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[68000 (2), Z80] 音源チップ[YM2151, 007232] 「グラディウス」「沙羅曼蛇」「グラディウスII」と続いた人気シリーズの4作目。今作ではゲームレベルをビギナーとテクニカルから選択できるようになったほか、ウェポンタイプとシールドライフが選択できるタイプセレクトと各パワーメーターを自由にセレクトできるエディットモードが登場。またパワーアップのバリエーションも増え、ステージ構成にも3Dスクロールステージが登場するなどの新要素も盛り込まれている。画面の処理落ちやあまりにも高すぎる難易度設定のためか、これまでのようなヒット作にはならなかったが、そんな中でもループプレイするプレイヤーが登場したことにはもはや脱帽ものである。全10ステージ。 Gradius III - Densetsu Kara Shinwa-e (c) 1989 Konami. The Vic Viper starfighter returns to battle the onslaughts of the Bacterion Empire. - TECHNICAL - Konami TMNT Based Hardware Game ID : GX945 Main CPU : (2x) 68000 (@ 10 Mhz) Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 3.579545 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), K007232 (@ 3.579545 Mhz) Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 3 - TRIVIA - Gradius III was released in December 1989 in Japan. The subtitle of this game translates from Japanese as 'From Legend to Myth'. This game is known outside Japan (and Asia) as "Gradius III". Konami released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Gradius Arcade Soundtrack - KMCA-155) on 03/04/2002. - TIPS AND TRICKS - * Power meters: 1) Type A: - Missile: Falls to the ground, then slides along it until it hits something. - Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward. - Laser: Replaces your bullets with a blue beam. 2) Type B: - Spread Bomb: Large explosion of death. - Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards. - Ripple: Salamander's ripple laser. 3) Type C: - 2-Way: Bombs fall up and down. - Vertical: Fires a bullet directly upward as well as forward. - C. Laser: Toothpaste laser rides again. 4) Type D: - Photon Torpedo: Similar to standard missile, but goes straight through enemies. - Free Way: Fires in direction your ship is moving. - Twin Laser: Twin sets of short beams. * Edit mode weapons: 1) Missile: - Normal: Falls to the ground, then slides along it until it hits something. - Control: Flies vaguely in direction ship is moving. - Upper: Gravity-defying upward missile. - S.Spread: Backwards-firing spread bomb. 2) Double: - Vertical: Fires a bullet directly upward as well as forward. - Spread Gun: Fires diverging bullets forwards. Select twice for triple shot. - Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards. - Free Way: Fires in direction your ship is moving. 3) Laser: - Twin Laser: Twin sets of short beams. - Ripple: Expanding loops of destruction. - E. Laser: R-Type style charge-up weapon. - C. Laser: Toothpaste laser once again. 4) Option: - Option: The multiple we all know and love. - S. Option: Strangely behaved multiple with a mind of its own. 5) ?: - Force Field: All-over protection. - Shield: Nemesis-style twin barriers. - Free Shield: Barriers which can be stuck anywhere on the ship. - Reduce: Shrinks the spaceship. Can be selected twice. 6) !: - Normal: Return to normal bullets. - Speed Down: Reverses the effects of speed up. - Option: Another chance to select a multiple. * Change BGM : In Stage 3 (In The Wind), around the T-shaped cliff, you will find an enemy bay against the wall and under a ceiling, which is nearly impossible to hit except with the use of some types of Missiles and the S.Option. Destroy it and the BGM in the stage will change. * Play First Level Of "Salamander" Or Gradius : In Stage 10, when you are at the last boss of the game, get hit by the boss' attack that comes out of its mouth. You will then be taken either to Salamander stage 1 or Gradius stage 1. * Stage Skip : 1. Turn Odd Number Dip Switches except Dip 1-5 AFTER boot up. As follows : Coin A = 1 Coin/6 Credits Coin B = 1 Coin/6 Credits Lives = 3 Cabinet = Upright Bonus Life = 50000 Difficulty = Hard Demo Sounds = Off Flip Screen = On Upright Controls = Single Service Mode = On Unknown = Off 2. In game, hold Service Switch (Coin 3 = Key 7 in Mame) then press 1P Start Button. - STAFF - Director : Hiroyasu Machiguchi Game programmers : T. Shimomura, Yuko Itoh, M. Ozawa Graphic designers : T. Miyoshi, M. Igarashi, R. Itoh, K. Hattori, Y. Asano Sound editors : J. Kaneda, S. Fukami, M. Higashino, K. Nakamura, Mutsuhiko Izumi Engineer : K. Ban, K. Itoh Title designers : F. Shibuya, M. Yoshihashi - SOURCES - Game's ROM. Game's screenshots. — New WHG World Record by hsblue in 5:23 (2019-06-02) — WHG TAS (Tool-Assisted Superplay) by Kyle Stevens in 4‪:‪57‪.14 Flash Projector - Games like this are usually web-based, but you can play them offline without all the extra bloat. Download for Windows: The original .swf file for The World's Hardest Game from Cool Math Games Snubbyland version:!LcFkyArS!C3xiEaQ2q3-kMKuRI-89NHUAADDtz2DLjczZGzxKnOo Coolmathgames version:!vJMkCQaC!nTb9eDlW5s2S4-dLUgsSAhNZnlkhwfqSmm-6AWtN2vI

Gradius (NES)

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