Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 3

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An old excavator broke down 16 years ago and was abandoned in the middle of a trail on a steep slope in my neighbors forest. My neighbor wanted it out of the way so he can use the trail again, he said I can have the excavator for scrap metal so I went to investigate.

Exploring inside of an abandoned sea fort Horse Sands which is one of the Solent forts between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. This was an epic explore which took months of planning and I am so excited to share it! Please subscribe for more: Filmed with Sony A7Sii, Panasonic gh4, Phantom 3 and Go Pro. Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 and the music was created by me in FL Studio. Check out my social media links: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: The fort is one of four that were built in the 19th century to protect Portsmouth and the Solent against a potential French invasion. Horse Sands is the joint largest of all of the UK sea forts and was built with 59 gun emplacements across its two gun floors. The fort was built between 1865 and 1880 by the time the fort had been finished the threat of a French invasion had diminished and the technology of the guns become out-of-date. Because of this the fort's were never needed to be used for their intended purpose and became known as "Palmerston's follies" after the Prime Minister who authorised their construction. The numerous forts built during this period were the most extensive and costly fixed defense structures built in Britain in peacetime. Horse Sands was rearmed during the first and second world wars and during this period the fort was painted in a black and white checkered paint scheme. It was painted in this way as a form of camouflage the purpose was not to make the fort invisible but instead to confuse attempts to attack it by making it difficult to accurately gauge the distance of the fort. The fort was deactivated after ww2 and used for coastal artillery up until 1956 in the 1960s the site was declared surplus to requirement by the Ministry of Defense In 2012 the company who owned the neighboring forts Spitbank and No Mans announced that they purchased Horse Sands. The new owner intended to convert it into a museum with displays of the history of all three forts Within the last month the three Solent forts had been collectively put back on the market for the guide price of 11 million pounds

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