Need for Speed Carbon randomness

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2 hours for orignal upload, then vegas crashed. in total this vid uploaded for over 5 hours. but now it is up. something in a completely different style, hope you enjoy!

after a year, its finally here i actually enjoyed making this a lot, might not be the most impressive video ever, but i think its good enough. follow for leaked betas: special thanks to mariofalz for blackniggayt phone call super speed astra is better then golf pimp jolto navigator is a better character then the entire nfs 2015 cast

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Need For Speed Payback abandoned Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR location and police pursuit with MW2005's Pursuit Theme. Seeing that my Highway Heist video where I swapped the Regera with the M3 GTR got over 1 million views, so I made another one showcasing the abandoned car police chase. Checkout the previous video where I mod this abandoned BMW M3 GTR into the highway heist mission: Join the ISAD discord channel! Timeline: 0:06 - Abandoned BMW M3 GTR location 0:46 - 13 minutes of Police Pursuit 14:07 - Stock and LV399 Fully Upgraded stats 14:34 - Midnight Run I already did a performance review of the BMW M3 E46 here: It's practically the same car. The abandoned version is just a skin, nothing more. Back then when I made the review, I got so much shit on how my review is irrelevant because the abandoned version is the real M3 GTR. The files clearly shows it's just a skin, nothing else and I'm shocked how many believed that from just buzzwords from EA's marketing. Soundtrack: Most Wanted 2005 Pursuit Theme 3 Most Wanted 2005 Cooldown Theme 2 #NFSPayback #abandonedBMWM3GTR #MostWanted #PolicePursuit

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Ahhhh the Forza Online Multiplayer experience. Big trucks, rammers, chaos and memes. Never change Forza. Cars used are the Widebody Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, Alfa Romeo 4C Police Interceptor and the Kia Stinger GT all A-class. Played with keyboard. Join the ISAD discord channel! Timeline: 0:15 - Moorhead Wind Farm Circuit (R32 Skyline GT-R) 3:49 - Hollywood Park Circuit (Alfa Romeo 4) 8:34 - Moorhead Rally Trail #ForzaHorizon4 #ForzaMultiplayerExperience #TypicalForzaMultiplayer


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