Injustice 2 - ADÃO NEGRO Combos!

author OneHeroes   3 years ago

Alguns combos com o ADÃO NEGRO! Ele tem um dano MUITO ALTO! Espero que gostem!

Playing Injustice 2 online with SUPERMAN VS CYBORG! If you like this content, don't forget to subscribe for more! Follow me on Twitter: Hope You Enjoy #injustice2superman #injustice2cyborg

Hello guys, this is my second day playing this game and deadshot feels reallystrong! I'm Working in more material, so stay tuned and please subscribe!

Injustice 2: INSANE 73% COMBO WITH SUPERMAN! - Injustice 2 "Superman" Gameplay Leave a like on the video if you want to support the channel :) THE BEST PLAYER I PLAYED IN THE INJUSTICE 2 BETA! - Injustice 2 "Superman" Gameplay Injustice 2: Cheetah Gameplay Coming Next Week! (Injustice Gods Among Us 2) Injustice 2: Green Lantern Story & Secret Character Teased! (Injustice Gods Among Us 2) Subscribe & Help Me Reach 200k :) Follow me on Twitter My Livestreaming Channel Follow me on instagram Use Code "Super" for 10% Off All Kontrol Freek Products!! Like my Facebook Page If you like what you see make sure to subscribe for more injustice 2 gameplay news information, injustice 2 character trailers/reaction videos & all the latest updates on netherrealms next game injustice 2.

Injustice 2 Green lantern combos tutorial 742 Damage Stay connected with me & let's play! Website: Twitch: XB1 Gamertag: EZLV Twitter: Instagram: Music by: ___ B13, 4, DB1, 223, DB1+MB, B3, 223, DB1 MB= Meter Burn DF= Down Forward DB=Down Back BF= Back Forward Ji= Jump in NJ= Neutral Jump Ps4 Square = 1 Triangle = 2 X = 3 Circle = 4 XBOX X = 1 Y = 2 A = 3 B = 4 Click "Like" and "Add to... Favorite" if you like this video. Helps me make more! Tell me what you think in the comments below. ___

PS! Napalm Vomit does damage over time. Keep that in mind. So long combos, so good buttons, 50/50, maybe the best trait in the game and auto footsies. Braindead character with so far the easiest combos. I don't know why the trait won't go away on hit, but it should, then this one would be more balanced. Anyway, these videos take a long time to make, so I do what i can as fast as I can. Next one is Supergirl (almost recorded). Leave in the comments, who you want to see next. Enjoy the video. 00:00 - meterless combos 06:00 - 1 bar combos 10:53 - 2 bar combos 14:40 - 3 bar combos 17:15 - 4 bar combos


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