25 Ways to Learn How to Backflip!

author pigmie   1 years ago

That is right! Twenty-Five unique hacks to learn how to do a backflip. A summary of the best techniques and tricks from the backflip tutorials developed by me over the last 2 years.

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Backflip tutorials in this video:

[10 ways to Learn the Backflip outside] - https://youtu.be/AnJf_zcd3JQ

[Back flip using Snow] - https://youtu.be/VIfRbg79Elk

[Backtuck inside] - https://youtu.be/0fcUI39gnKo

[Backflip on Trampoline & then Ground] - https://youtu.be/_tafSRb9bAg

[Two Scoots into a Backflip] - https://youtu.be/8MBjw1Qc6gY

[Backflip in 5 minutes] - https://youtu.be/ltho8_PzC2U

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