Return To The Horrifying Winchester Mansion

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We return to the scene of one of our earliest investigations.

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Mauritius, Central Mauritius, Eureka Creole Mansion built in the 1830s, child's crib
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
Eric Lowenbach/Getty Images
Harry Houdini
Apic/RETIRED/Getty Images
Architectural plan of the modern house
-Vladimir-/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
an old fashioned rifle
Stockbyte/Getty Images
Publicity Portrait Of Annie Oakley & Texas Bill
American Stock Archive/Getty Images
Buffalo Bill
MPI/Getty Images

insert Key and lock up
mennovandijk/Getty Images
Man pushing wheelbarrow with gardening supplies on path in formal garden / Saint-Ferme, France
Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images

Is this historic house of God really home to a demonic force? Unsolved has BRAND NEW merch! Check it out here: Shop our UK ( and Germany ( merch stores too! Watch on Amazon Instant Video: Watch on Hulu: Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: Credits: Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, true crime, and everything in between. Subscribe here:

This deadly bank robbery was just the beginning. Unsolved has BRAND NEW merch! Check it out here: Shop our UK ( and Germany ( merch stores too! Watch on Amazon Instant Video: Watch on Hulu: Check out our BuzzFeed Original Series channel on Roku: Created by MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Duct Tape XXL smartstock/Getty Images Finger Print Distressed ScottTalent/Getty Images vintage map of the world 1831 javarman3/Getty Images Vintage light bulbs choness/Getty Images XXXL dark concrete sbayram/Getty Images Device Used In Pizza Delivery Man Explosion Getty Images / Handout/Getty Images Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Gold coins in a chest Hemant Mehta/Getty Images Alcatraz Island Daniel Osterkamp/Getty Images Full Frame Shot Of Rusty Metal Watcharapong Thawornwichian / EyeEm/Getty Images Real caucasian adult man portrait Joan Vicent Cantó Roig/Getty Images USA, Idaho, mature couple wading in Salmon River, smiling, portrait Steve Bly/Getty Images Man on the phone David De Lossy/Getty Images Police officer presenting evidence KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images Businessman Waiting In Interrogation Room DAJ/Getty Images Broken man in interrogation room KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images American Presidential Symbol in8finity/Getty Images Set of various paint splatters itchySan/Getty Images Silhouette of Shotgun | hunting rifle Zeynurbaba/Getty Images Vector man and woman driver license plastic card template Alexandr Dubovitskiy/Getty Images white paper napkin Magone/Getty Images Map of Lake Erie in North USA omersukrugoksu/Getty Images drugs in the form of crystals on a black background Sanny11/Getty Images Angry Mature Woman drbimages/Getty Images Senior man looking at camera Science Photo Library/Getty Images Serious female attorney with paperwork talking at podium in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images Personal perspective attorneys talking to judge at bench in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images THC0024296 Thinkstock/Getty Images Close-Up Of Woman Indoors Wang Lunyi / EyeEm/Getty Images Female attorney and expert witness discussing evidence in legal trial courtroom Hero Images/Getty Images Wrong way sign Chip Simons/Getty Images Mugshot of a Woman RichLegg/Getty Images drug dealer selling portions of heroine Luka Lajst/Getty Images Male engineer working at laptop at workbench in workshop Hero Images/Getty Images Mature man with long greying hair and beard Ian Ross Pettigrew/Getty Images Portrait confident | serious male attorney in courthouse corridor Hero Images/Getty Images Young woman sitting on a bench looking down at night Carlos Ciudad Photos/Getty Images slice of bread in open drawer VvoeVale/Getty Images microphone at court house aerogondo/Getty Images Deep Freezer (isolated with clipping path over white background) JazzIRT/Getty Images Man Sleeping On Bed At Home Vicente Andino / EyeEm/Getty Images Gun Shooting Silhouettes adroach/Getty Images Close up of senior businesswoman thinking while looking up Ranta Images/Getty Images Messy storage room in garage for junk in old house tampatra/Getty Images Portrait Of Senior Man Against White Background Markus Gann / Eyeem/Getty Images Old telephone User2547783c_812/Getty Images Man looking through blinds fotostorm/Getty Images Woman texting from mobile phone IAN HOOTON/SPL/Getty Images White Envelope on White Background MirageC/Getty Images People in various action and walking 4x6/Getty Images Houses Set artvea/Getty Images Mature Man Portrait drbimages/Getty Images Footprints remaining on the ground of the earth c11yg/Getty Images Empty straight dirt road | Kruger National Park | Mpumalanga | South Africa chrisvankan/Getty Images Close-Up Of Shoe Print On Wet Rock Ryo Takase / EyeEm/Getty Images Full Frame Shot Of Dirt Road Serge Vuillermoz / EyeEm/Getty Images Trees Against White Background Prasert Taosiri / EyeEm/Getty Images Heavy Communication Tower A-Digit/Getty Images Close-Up Portrait Of Cat Against White Background Massimiliano Clari / EyeEm/Getty Images Flat Tire - Remove Hubcap lisafx/Getty Images Pizza Man & Thermal Bag lisafx/Getty Images Close up of man reading newspaper in living room David Lees/Getty Images Woman reading newspaper Hill Creek Pictures/Getty Images Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich LauriPatterson/Getty Images Portrait of smi

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